Regular License for YouTube Videos

I bought 3 pack from VideoHive, Intro, Letters and assets, my doubt is, can I use it in all my youtube videos? I didnt understand what means the end project.

So, i saw that in Envato forum, people says that we cant upload more that 52 times, using the project. please someone explain it for me!

I´ve regular llicenses, can I use it as Intro in my all future videos 2020 2021 etc ?

From what I understand, the end product is your Youtube channel. So you can use the VideoHive packs as often as you want as long as it’s only on that channel.

End product you created with assests is video with particular name. However the video you created you can use many times. For stock video and motion graphics there is multiuse license that allow use video forever for different projects. As for after effects templates i believe there is no multiuse license. Regular and an extended license allow use assets in single end product.

No. End product it’s not video with particular name. End product is Youtube channel

You can use the project in every videos on your channel (52 times per year). Year begins with the publication of the first video. If you want to use it for 2 YouTube channel, you should buy the project one more time. But if you use it on a single YouTube channel, so 1 standart license is enought

This way I can use the videos, music previously uploaded to my channel 52 times a year with one regular license. I have always believed that the final product is 1 video and I can upload it anywhere. For an example, license from envato element “Registered Project Name: Pink cherry petals following path (promo)” My end product was video, not youtube channel. Then video was uploaded on youtube channel and used as preview on videohive. I dont think I can create youtube channel with 1 or several music or video files. With assets and videofiles you creating in your editing software is video.

All of you should check the license FAQs, especially this section about what is a single application:

Thanks Romlam, but i dont understant, why 52 times only? And in case i publish 53 times and forget?

That’s ≈ 1 video per week

Try not to forget :wink: