Can I use standard or extended license videos for YouTube intro?

Hey guys, I was looking through all of the videohive intro project files and wanted to use one for my YouTube intro. But the intro of course will show up on hundreds of upcoming videos.

So my question is…does the standard or extended license cover using an After Effects video project for all of my YouTube videos? Or would I have to literally buy a license for every single YouTube video?

Thanks for your time.

No, each unique end product you create from a template would require a new license. The end product is the final customized rendered video and it can be used unlimited number of times.
So a Regular License should be fine for you as long as you don’t make any further edits to the intro.

Hope this helps!

So if i understand i have just bought an intro ae with a standard licence… i am going to make only one editing with my logo and description… question is can i put this intro at the beginning and at the end of all my youtube videos ?

Yes! :slight_smile:

Let me add this relevant FAQ from Videohive license FAQs to this topic:

I am using an After Effects template to create my logo sting (logo reveal). Do I need to buy a license for each movie that logo sting goes in?

No. The customized/rendered logo reveal is the final end product and it can be used in any number of movies without having to purchase another license. Remember that you need a new license for each use of the template to create a unique logo reveal.

perfect ! thanks !!!

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and is it the same for audio track ?

Audiojungle licenses are totally different to Videohive licenses, so I’m not 100% certain about this. However, the Help Team can give you an official answer to this question - feel free to reach out to them through this form.

Sorry last question… i I bought this after effect intro template with one standard licence… as we have said i can make only one editing and use it for all of my youtube videos no limits. Question is … for editing you mean also audio track or just the video ? for example …
One day i decide to change audio track in to the same ae Intro template (Not changed video) and get a different audio track … do i have to buy another time the AE
template ?

Personally I’d say changing the audio shouldn’t warrant buying a new
license for the AE template, but that’s just my opinion and I could be
wrong. So definitely contact support - link above - who’ll be able to get
answers (official ones) to all your questions directly from Envato license
experts. :slight_smile:

I contact support for details about the ae template. They sayd someting diffaret…with regular licence i can use this ae template only for 52 videos of one series. It means that if i make 1 or 52 videos for a game play next game i start i have to bay again another template.every game play are about 15 videos then start another game an by another licence… . is this correct ?? Is not for all’ videos then…

There must be some confusion. The FAQ above (which is part of the license terms) is pretty straightforward - it clearly states that an end product, that’s created using an AE template, can be used as many times as you wish so long as you make no modifications to the end product.

What Osama said, but just to clarify on that a little bit further…

An end product, in your case, would be a rendered video file. You can use that one video file as many times as you like, in any project, and for any amount of time. In that example, you may be using the end product more than 52 times, but you’ve only used the AE template once… that’s the important bit.

The whole 52 times thing, means that you can use the template 52 times. Not that you can use the end product 52 times. So for example… your video series is called ‘When Cats Go Bad’, and you release a new video every week. The template animates the ‘When Cats Go Bad’ logo, and then animates the reveal of the tagline for the episode name. So it might be ‘cats in trees’ one week… ‘drunken cats’ the next week… ‘cats on benefits’ the week after that, for example. So in that instance, you are actually using the template 52 times, as you’re changing the episode name.

That’s also fine, but you’re going to need another copy of the license if you have more than 52 videos or you want to use them for a different series, like ‘When Wombats Attack - Half Bat, Half Wom, 100% Killer’.

So the advice from support is correct, and the advice from Osama is also correct. Use the end product (rendered video) unlimited times. Use the AE Template a maximum of 52 times if the videos are part of a series.


ok Thanks!!

Hi, I’m sorry to say that the responses here are completely incorrect.
I had a creator reach out to Envato…and they said the following ANY RENDERS THAT YOU GET from a template CAN ONLY BE USED 52 times or for 1 year (which ever comes first). So, if you take an AE template, and render a VIDEO…you can use that rendered video 52 times or for 1 year. After that, you need to buy more license.

It’s the most terrible licensing I’ve seen.
I can hardly believe that this is legal but it is.

I’m now pursing refunds, I have to…I can’t keep paying for the same assets in perpetuity. I can’t even imagine how one would enforce this? It’s just such a nonsense rule. But I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’m going to return everything.

Too bad, Envato seemed like a good place to get assets.

Is it possible that you are misinterpreting the reply from support? It does get confusing with all these similar terms and use cases, but there are very clear differences between using an item across a series and using an item in a single reusable end product.

Once you render a template into a video, the license terms stop there; they do not infringe on your ability to use that final video any number of times. But if you’re going to take the template (read: not the previously-rendered video, but the actual template) and render another video, you’re still dealing with license limitations.

The License FAQ itself clearly states:

What is a single application?
…The end product depends on the nature of the item - for an item like a logo template, the end product is the final, unique logo, which can be used in unlimited ways"

As well as:

Q: I am using an After Effects template to create my logo sting (logo reveal). Do I need to buy a license for each movie that logo sting goes in?

A: No. The customized/rendered logo reveal is the final end product and it can be used in any number of movies without having to purchase another license. Remember that you need a new license for each use of the template to create a unique logo reveal.

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I don’t know. I’m so confused. This website is incredibly confusing. After I deal with this I’m never coming back to this site again. But thank you for trying to help. I really love this intro I bought otherwise, I wouldn’t care to dig this deep. Here is the conversation with support and creator.

Note he specifically asked if i(buyer) could use the rendered video unlimited times.

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Ok I had a twitter discussion with their support because they literally won’t answer emails right now.

Looks like you were right!
1 video render is ok for unlimited use. No Limitation For use if you want to just use that one video forever.

The creator didn’t know. But it’s not his fault, the envato rep told him.

I think I have this sorted now. Yeesh


Wow…I can’t believe how limited the licensing is for this. It’d be better paying several hundred dollars to a professional to create an intro than buy assets from this platform.

I am a small freelancer. My friends want me to make them a good intro/youtube channel intro or site logo.
Do I only need regular license for this? I understand that I can only create one unique product per license. Just this regular vs. extended license thing is bothering me. Seems odd to have some intros for common use in around 100+$ for intros for non commercial usage