"Extended License" Question!

Maybe this’s asked before but I couldn’t find it.

My Customer asking;
“If I purchase the extended license, can I use the template for different projects with multiple clients?”

Thanks for help

No, he can’t.
Both regular and extended license are single use licenses.

Take a look at the license text and the FAQs, they explain pretty good what is allowed and what isn’t.


Thank you Creattive !

I need to create 1 unique logo intro/sting for a client but it will be used at the front of multiple videos. Does extended licensing permit this? I’m only modifying 1 file but using it for the same client in different videos. Thank you.


well actually i dont know really but maybe you can understand better than me.

i hope this will help.




Hi there,

both the regular license as well as the extended license could be correct here. Both can be used in a single end product but the end product can be a series of videos. If they all share the same intro it is most likely these videos are all part of the same series, correct?

In this case the only question is whether you need a regular or extended license. If the person watching the video has to pay at any point to be able to watch the video, then you need an extended license. If the video is always free to watch, most probably the regular license is enough.

Take a look at the license faqs for more details: