Kindly explain regular and extended license while defining "End user product".

Hello everyone. So I’m starting my new small services for freelancer as editor. Some people approach me that they want some template made according to their customization etc…

Explain regular and extended license like I am 5 in light of:

  1. End user product
  2. If let’s say end user product is a video done rendered only once, can clients use it anywhere? Fb page/YouTube and social media etc…does it have to be extended or regular?
  3. If my clients run YouTube channel do they need regular only?

Up until now all I understand that I can only create one end user product with one license.

Here’s referenced debate that made it all complex for me. By: secondfalseiteration saying YouTube is a free content so people need only regular license.

Extended license needed only if you want sell your end product (DVD discs, pay channel, etc), or if you want to show your end product on TV

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Thankyou. So it means I should get my clients regular license items since they only showcase their intros on social media/blogs/discord and sites?.

yes. but not for different “clients”. I mean if you want to use the project for another video (with other logo, media, etc) for another client, you should buy one more regular license