Question about Standard Licenses

The way how Envato support explain how the licenses work is quite confusing. The question is, with the standard license, Can we use the project for commercial use? For example, use the project as our Intro or themes for all of our videos on youtube. Do the licenses also cover all of the images that were included in the projects?

Standard license assumes that you can use the Intro in every video on your YouTube channel. I mean 1 final rendered video of Intro. You can use it as many times as you want. But if you want to make one more video with this project (for another YouTube channel, or with another content inside), you need to purchase the project by the extended license, or one more standard license for every new video.
What about images… are you shure that the images are included to project? As a rule, images are used only for preview and thay aren’t included. But if they are still included, they are part of the project. So they can be used for the same license

I was looking for an answer for the same question. Now it is crystal clear for me. :slight_smile:
So, very soon, I am going to purchase an opener AE template for my youtube channel.

Your welcome! :yum:

Extended license is not, and never has been, a multi-use license. If you need more than one license then you need more than one license… whether it’s a regular or an extended license. The only difference is whether the end-users of the product have to pay to access/use/view that product.

If an intro is just being used on Youtube, then you will never need an extended license as Youtube is free to watch. The only exception is that Youtube Red thing, or whatever it was/is called, whether you need to pay to rent/watch/download content. Aside from that… if your video never costs anybody money to watch, then you’ll never need an extended license.

Apart from that, Romlan is right about the one end product part. Once you’ve created your intro and rendered a video file… you can use it as many times as you like. If you need to alter the intro again, using the AE template, then the series rule comes into play. So you can use the template up to 52 times as long as it’s a series. 52 videos on cooking… just one license required. You can add episode names, change the music, colors etc etc. 51 videos on cooking and 1 video on hats… two licenses required.

How about the outro?
Example: I’ll be using the same project as intro and outro on every videos. Standard is enough? or do I need to purchase the extended?