does an intro require a new license for every video?

iam really struggling with all those laws in AJ and even the customer support didnt gave me clear answers to some of my questions.
so, before i give up (because buying a new license for every video is crazy in my opinion)
i have 2 little questions.
so here they are…

if iam creating multiple videos but all of them containing the same intro which uses the same music (only the intro!)
*does it requires a new license per video?
*if not,does standart license is enough?

What is the EXACT definition of a series videos?
*they must be somehow content conected?
*they got to have the same title?
*they should be numbered? (e1,e2,e3…)

the videos are for youtube and a personal site.

thanks in advance.


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

You will get more information about AudioJungle License From Here

& this are Audio Jungle License Faq

Hope it will helpful for you.

Best regards.

hey thanks for the help but i have already searched at the FAQ and saw the table.

Standard license is enough for a series consists of 52 episodes. I think videos can be called series if the content is connected. For example, a channel for information of gadget or mobile. He can use the intro 52 times before he need to ourchase another standard license.

If the intro is strictly the same (same video material, same text overlays, with no modification whatsoever, basically that is rendered once and put as is in front of your main content), then it can be considered to be the end product. This end product can then be used in any number of videos. This would only require a single license.
The standard license is indeed the one needed for most web uses, including Youtube.

To be considered part of a series, the videos must be related in content and in format. Ideally they can be titled as episode 1, episode, 2,… but the naming convention is up to you, as long as it is apparent that they are interconnected.

Hope it helps

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