What is an "End Product" in the regular and extended license

Hello i need to create an intro for youtube clips.
If i use an after effects template from envato what is called an “item” for that, put in my own text and logo and then render the Video, then i create an “End Product” is that right? Can i use this Intro/End Product then in multible clips as long as i don´t change anything the intro, or is every video containing the item a new end product?
And another question is what if i sale the videos containing the intro, is then a extended license needed?

Thanks for Help and sorry for my bad english

You got it right. As long as you don’t make any further edits to the end product (your intro), you can use it as many times as you want. But it can’t be part of a video that end users need to pay to watch, you need an extended license for that.