Licensing product for multi-use by the client?

Hi, I’ve got a question about licensing. If already answered somewhere, please kindly paste the link.


  1. I make a video for a client which will be a start of YT series.
  2. The client wants the video edited (using their raw footage) and also wants me to make an intro/opener.
  3. I use Elements video template to make the intro. I suppose for the sake of this argument the intro should be sold as a standalone ‘end product’, on top of the video clip itself.
  4. The client knows basics of video editing and wants to be able to edit their own future video episodes on their own, if only they can have this intro from me to use in their future videos (I’ve got no problem with that).


Can the client make their own new YT video episodes using the intro I made for them using Elements video template, and that intro would be sold as an end product?

(I know I can use the same intro in many episodes without re-licensing as long as my subscription remains active if I make those episodes myself, at least that’s my understanding)

Thanks :slight_smile: