License and content update

Hey, I hope you are fine guys. I have got few questions with regards to the video theme which I am intending to get from you.

At first, how does it look like license wise? Am I going to be able to use the theme which I download even if my license expires?

Secondly, the video theme which I do consider is as follow - this. Is it possible to replace the logo which is displayed within the video with my own? And how can I do it?

Thirdly, is there anything like a trial so I can play with it and get familiar with how to use it as it is all black magic to me at the moment?


There are two types of Licences for Videohive’s projects as far as I know:

  1. Video Media Single Use ( Use in a single end product, free or commercial. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee)
  2. Video Media Multi Use ( Use in an unlimited number of end products, free or commercial. May be used with different clients, but not for on-demand customization products or services. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.)

Yes you can replace that logo with your own. That’s the purpose for these kind of projects. You will have a video tutorial in which the author will show you how to use the project for your needs. Also you will need After Effects, a software for using that project.

No. There is no trial. You have to buy the project. And you need some basic knowledge about After Effects to use that project.

Peace to your soul!

There is a confusion here. @js334 you are talking about envato elements, however you posted in the videohive subforum which is a different market.

License on elements is different than on videohive, so you can ignore the answer from MTzST as he/she thought you were talking about videohive.

On elements, you can register a license for a project as long as you are subscribed. If you stop your subscription, you can not register any other projects to use the item in, but the already registered projects keep their license forever.

So if you are creating a video tomorrow and you are subscribed tomorrow, it doesn’t matter if you are unsubscribed next month, the video is already done and has no license issue. However, you cannot create another video next month with the item.

Also, even if you are still subscribed, don’t forget to register a new license for an item when you use it again. It is just a click but keeps you on the safe side and makes sure the authors get their share.

Great, thanks you so much for a quick response guys :slight_smile: