Elements Licence: using After Effects titles in multiple videos

Hi. If I download an After Effects titles template, can I use the the titles in multiple videos? The videos are for educational purposes and will be posted on social media.


Yes, as long as it’s for the same business/youtube channel, etc.

For example, if you post 100 videos on a youtube channel, you can use the title template in all 100 without having to relicense it. However, if you make a new channel and want to use the same title template, you need to relicense it for that channel.


Are you sure? I was under the impression that every use required licensing on Elements. It doesn’t change anything for the subscriber anyway, but is the only way for the author to get paid accordingly.

I could be wrong, but that’s what I gathered from everything I read about it. Things regularly used such as a logo opener don’t need to be re-licensed for each video because the one intended use is for their channel as a whole. If that logo opener is going to be used for different things, such as on their channel, a second channel, and a Facebook group, then it would need to be licensed 3 separate times.

I agree that subscribers should license it for every use to help the author, but it isn’t required. At least that’s my interpretation of it.

Oh, you mean the intro is the end-product. Ok, got it.

As a reminder for @jwong303, for this to work, though, the intro always has to be strictly the same with no modification whatsoever. The titles cannot be adapted to each video.

If you need to make text adjustments from one video to another, then you will need to license the item for each version. This won’t cost you more, but will make sure the author gets his share.

Oh that’s interesting. I will be using it to create different headings in different videos. Not an opening sequence. Just having a heading like “Step 1 : Warm up” over the top of a video. There would be different headings in each video.

So I can do that with one purchase but have to license each video? Not sure how to license something then. Do you mean register it?

Yes, registering and licensing are the same thing in this case.

You do so from your downloads page on Elements.

Thanks .

Sorry to keep asking more questions. If I subscribe to Envato and download a template, can I keep using it in new videos if I end my subscription?

Nope. You have to be actively subscribed at the time of publishing, obviously.