Multi-Use for After Effects Projects


Confused about multiple use of AE projects. It seems that it is not allowed. This from another thread:

“Incidentally, there is no multiple license any more (although a Tools License is a bit like this). But for templates in general, a new license (whether Regular or Extended) is required for each new customization. You can’t buy a template once and then customize it for multiple clients.”

Thread is HERE.

So what I am trying to figure out is: I would like to license an intro, that I will be using for ONE client, MULTIPLE times. Application: I shoot video walk throughs for Real Estate, and would use the intro for each property that I shoot (shown on Youtube) for a SINGLE client (multiple properties, one client).

So… am I expected to pay the Regular license rate, for every tour that I publish? Or does Extended cover this? Or what?



One use of the template to create one intro is no problem… you can then use that intro as many times as you like. It’s just if you want to use the template multiple times, to create multiple different end products, where you need multiple licenses.


Yep, what @SpaceStockFootage said… You can use the regular license multiple times for the same client as long as it is part of the same “series” of videos… It’s laid out in the FAQ:



Ok, still a little confused. I’ll be specific:

  • I would license an intro project, and this intro would be branded with one client (a real estate agent).
  • That intro would have house-specific images for each use
  • It would be used 15-20 times over the year, with the same intro / same client, but different house pictures for each use.
  • So, it will be one intro used multiple times, BUT each intro would have different images on it.

I guess I’m confused by:


I did look at the FAQ. So, in this case, would a “series” be the same intro / different pictures each time / one client?



Both answers are right. If you use the template once, to make one locked intro for one client, then you can use that intro as many times as you like. If you want to use the template more than once for the same client, then that’s fine as well, but the video needs to be part of a series, and then can be used a maximum of 52 times. So one a week for a year, two a month for two years etc.

Part of a series means the same client and the same kind of content… so a series of videos on real estate for one real estate client would be fine.

The only thing you can’t do, is use the template multiple times for a bunch of videos that aren’t related. Say you have one client who does fishing videos and pottery videos… you can use it for 52 pottery videos or 52 fishing videos, but no mixing and matching, as it wouldn’t be part of the same series.


it’s simple:
you can not use this template to create a intro for TWO different clients.
becouse license is not for you as a creator of video - license is used by your client