Licencing Logo Openers and Stock Video for repetitive use in YouTube and Online Videos

I am looking at buying a few After Effects logo intros and some stock video footage from videohive . I want to understand how the licensing works. If I make an intro/outro and use stock video footage and a logo opener template bought from the marketplace, do I need a license for each video I upload to Youtube or on different media sites? I will only be creating 1 intro/cut sequence but the intro will be included at the start or in the middle of potentially hundreds of videos.

So to clarify:

  1. I Buy 1 Stock Video and 1 logo opener using the regular license.
  2. I then create my Intro/Cut sequence, and at the start of all the videos I upload to Youtube, The Logo opener I created plays, and it may play again in the middle of the video

Is this usage allowed or do I need to buy a license for each and every separate video I make and upload to youtube using that same intro/cut sequence?

Also, is there any viewership maximum? Or time limit on how long I can use my intro?

Finally, will I get copyright strikes?

You do not need buy a license for every video. In this case the end product is your channel, so as long as the intro stays on your channel you only need 1 license. If you were to make a second channel and use that same intro, then I believe you would need another license.