License for Logo Opener and Music

Can I use logo opener (Under Regular License) and Music (Under Music Standard License) in multiple YouTube videos? Only one version will be used in multiple videos. Thanks.

In a nutshell I want to create a logo opener with these two sources:

I was wonder if I create an opener if it can be used on different vides multiple times?

Yes you can use it in every videos on your channel (52 times per year). Year begins with the publication of the first video. But if it is 1 YouTube channel. If you want to use it for 2 YouTube channels, you should buy one more regular license. Or if you have used the product in 52 videos on your channel, but the year is not over yet, and you want to continue using the product, you will also need to buy the standard license again.
So if you use it on a single YouTube channel, 1 standart license is enought (for 52 videos)