Confused about which license to get.

hi all,

my goal is to get an AE template and a music track to make a 15 seconds intro clip. The intro clip will be used solely for my own videos on my own channel, I wish to reuse the intro clip on all my future videos on the channel.

which license would allow me to do the above?
the following AE template and music are the ones I wish to buy:-

  1. Glitch Urban Opener by Afterdarkness75 | VideoHive
  2. Energetic Upbeat Sport Summer Hip-Hop by CoffeeMusic | AudioJungle


About AJ license you can read this to know better;

About Videohive;

sorry, I should have mentioned that I did read them but still confused… haha
I’m still new to these license things and not sure how to interpret them.
If my intro clip is the End Product, can I reuse this End Product multiple times in different videos?

Hahaha ok, sorry.

Well, if the intro is going to be always the same, this is considered as an end product, you can use it for an entire year or 52 episodies. You will need to renew after this, if you want to use it.
And for a youtube channel, the standard license is ok.


If the intro is indeed the end product, then you can use it in any number of videos without having to invoke the series policy and its 52 per year limitation. There will be only one end product: the intro.

For this to work though, there can be absolutely no modification whatsoever from one video to another (for the intro part). No different voiceovers, nor text overlays.

that’s correct, I’ll be using the exact same intro for 52 videos within a year. so I just need to get the Regular License for the AE template and the Music Standard License for the audio. and if i intend to use it for year 2 i’ll pay again.

is my statement correct?

No, reread my previous post.

If the intro is the end product, then there is no need to invoke the series policy as you’re only using the license for one end-product. So, you won’t need a new license for year 2, as it’ll still be the same end-product.

that’s awesome!
pardon me for misreading.