Using Elements for Fiverr gigs?

Hi, I’m new to all this and am looking to use and edit an Instagram template for a client on Fiverr. Would this be acceptable use ,obviously i would download a license for this specific client.

Also is this possible with transitions for Premier Pro etc, or is it best to make your own.
Many Thanks

I don’t think so.

“You can’t use items in on-demand services”

source: License Terms — Envato Elements

In the past I found some of my designs used as advertisement on fiverr - one man used some of my works as an example what “he can do”…

I almost closed his account on fiverr but I showed him some mercy and I gave him the choice - 1. delete this and never do this again / 2. do not delete this and tomorrow your account is banned and you are sued according to your details shared with Fiverr.

He wisely took option nr.1

My advice → be careful with this. I think someone from Elements Staff should answer your question so you’ll be 100% sure what’s allowed and what’s not.

PS. check the Graphicriver licences too: here Licenses | GraphicRiver

Extended license (which is bigger than regular license) is saying that you can:

“Use in an end product that’s sold” - So buying something on GR with extended licence you can do this - but is this worth? for examle my items are for 6 - 12 USD - but extended licence is for about 200 - 300 USD (to avoid the situation when someone will make a business using my work).

Good Luck :slight_smile: remember double check - protect your accounts, avoid ban risks.

Pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with it, but checking with support is the best course of action. Somebody hiring you on Fiverr isn’t really an on-demand service (I could be wrong, but pretty sure that’s right), and creating something for a client definitely isn’t ‘Use in an end product that’s sold’. A product that’s sold to an end user is an end product that’s sold… a product that’s created for a client isn’t an end product that’s sold. Creating something you sell to a client is allowed under all licenses.

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you can be right. I agree - support ticket is the best option here. :wink:

Thanks to you quick responding lovely people! Yes i thought this would be a grey area, support ticket the way to go to be sure. Im looking at this as a serious future business so want to get crystal
razor clear!

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Definitely ask support.

I personally think you can as long as you register a copy each time.

The issue is that the project has to be finished while you are still subscribed so you couldn’t create something for a client and have them edit it or use it in a new project once you end your subscription which may be tricky to police.

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