How to increase sales? How to promote items?

Hi! I create cartoon style animation here on videohive, My husband in most of cases makes cosmos scenes. Together we use 1 profile. We sale our items almost for a year, but do not have even 100 sales. What do you think guys, maybe any promotion can give us more sales? Does anyone use youtube to promote his items? Maybe you have any other options to increase your sales? Please share with us. I think it will be also interesting for new authors :slight_smile:

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It’s about finding the right medium that puts you in front of the right people, Envato will get some people to your profiles but unless you upload regularly and get 1/2 really popular items, over time you will struggle so your best bet is to find your own buyers.

  1. Work out the type of people who would buy your items
  2. Find out where they tend to hang out, do they use specific forums or blogs, a facebook group or a specific youtube genre?
  3. Put your items in front of them, either by joining their circles or advertising in their circles
  4. Build a brand which your buyers can follow on multiple places
  5. Build a blog / website related to what you do and release free items or tutorials to get people interested (so a tutorial on how you did a certain effect on a specific item e.g. the water running on your waterfall item).
  6. Target a specific niche, have more than 1 account if you want to do multiple things e.g. one account for your cartoon stuff and another for your space based stuff.
  7. Patience - it can take time and a lot of hard work to build up a following that gets buyers coming back, they will want to see a regular upload of items all of a high quality

If you do it right you can also add your affilliate code to your items when promoted off Envato so get paid even more if someone buys from you.


I think the key to success here is to make something that sell itself. Good luck to you :slight_smile:

Thank you for advice! I think that creating second account will help to increase the number of followers and maybe buyers too. But you know, i am a new author, and my income is 50 % of each sale. I am trying to reach 70 % income as soon as possible. That’s why we use only one account for different type of works. Sorry for my English. I hope you understood what i wrote. :slight_smile:

Sure, you are right. But sometimes it’s a bit hard to predict what people wish to buy. And when i see items of another author with lower quality but with more sales, than something that i already have in my portfolio i think,maybe those people just have better promotion. I don’t want to offend anyone, but i am sure, i am not the only one, who is in this kind of situation. Hope you understood me. Sorry for my English.

Hey @CartoonLab… work with AudioJungle Authors, use their music in your projects and connect pages via links. I would love to work with VideoHive authors to promote my music! It is free to use my previews in your projects and I would promote using your video (w/ a link to your item) all over my sites and social media!

Hey! I always add links of music that i use in my works. If i use your
music, be sure, i will add link to your page. Thank you for advice! :slight_smile: