Whitch is best way to sell more . Im new and plz help me

Can anyone tell me any way to promote i have 7 aproved stuf and no selling.

Hi there,

I can help you in promotion.

either by designing or SEO.

Add me on Skype: Robert.cisin

Robert :smile:

do you have anything else cose i dont use skype sorry

Create good items. And you will sell. Your priority should be to create UNIQUE great items, not to just sell anything.

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this is a good advice but u must know that this is not yet enough, don’t u? lol

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hi buddy, well indeed, u have to make the most of all what u have onboard and outdoors lol , u need to make the most of either all your skills and talents to create good things, afterwards, u need to really take advantage of any single network that u may have and promote your items as much as possible, everywhere u can possibly do indeed, so that your work gets exposure and sells …

im new on envato world and i ned help and increase earning .
im tryin to create good stuff but noone buy . I compared my products with odher seller i got better designs and thay sell and i have no selling items . thats confuse me ???

hey buddy, i just told u what u need to do, if u follow this, then , i can assure u that sales will start … but u have to dedicate to it and believe me it takes some time …


You could also create a portfolio link and put it in the description box, (if l remember correctly) that way we don’t have to type your name into the search box, which isn’t an easy name to remember, and unfortunately Envato don’t allow cut and paste.

Just click on my logo, and the link to get the idea.

But you have some good work there so, you are sure to get some sales, eventually.

But l personally wouldn’t buy the textures one, $90, (full license) to do whatever l want with them is a bit steep, especially when l could grab my digital camera and walk around a park or local school.

Or go to another site and buy that plus 740 others for 33 cents each with full rights.

Most are pictures instead of textures created by yourself, so that makes it harder to sell.

Might work better at Photodune?

:sunglasses: :palm_tree:

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You are in a very niche bracket amongst a very crowded and competitive market. Unfortunately files like your (irrelevant of the quality) are never going to generate massive sales.

Thank you for advice i will.try to create quallity things and wait for results…
Thqnk you

I tried photodune they dont acept my photos

:wink: i wish u good luck :wink:

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