How to make good sales in envato? I have 9 items but got 2 sales only. I need some pieces of advice.

I have 9 items but only have 2 sales. Im so down. :frowning:

I had a quick look at your work, and it is nice, but the preview window needs a serious overhaul.

If l click on the Halloween, one, l can’t really see it, and if l click on it, to see it, l don’t see any of it, only the description, and have to scroll down to actually take a look at it!

Compare that to my halloween ones, (avatar, then link) which l recently overhauled to get in more of my flyer and less of information that wasn’t necessary

But l am sure that improving that will help.


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Ooh! Thank you. But, one last thing. Can i see some examples of your preview? :frowning:

I’ll try to overhaul my preview images. Thanks for that advice mate. :slight_smile:

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The thumbnail is important also. Because if you look at any of Sevenstyles blockbuster mega-selling photoshop actions, the top of the preview shows you nothing at all. You have to scroll down to see it. My own experience of browsing as a buyer is that if I like the thumbnail, I open it in a new tab and look at the whole preview. So my advice is also make your thumbnails as eye catching and amazing looking as possible.


You can go to your profile settings here on the forums and add your link to your portfolio - that way we can easily go and look at your work from here. Shame it’s not automatic for all authors. :slight_smile:

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Umm, just click on my avatar image, (the blue thing with the letter T) and the portfolio link, then the first ones.


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True, and thumbnails are important, Branding or cutting the edge of the thumbnail to make your work stand out, not so sure.

I seriously considered that recently, but unfortunately if a few do it, then it is a bit of a non event. I would rather keep it consistent, so if someone see’s the popup then they will think, arr, this is one of tmcoms works.

Same with other things, if yo confuse the customer with unnecessary clutter, then they will probably go over to someone who isn’t going to stuff them around.


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Okay mates. Thank you so much. :slight_smile: i think this will help me a lot. Thank you for this one. Im new in envato, so this pieces of advice will really help me that much. :slight_smile: thank you. Good luck amd God bless. :slight_smile: if im done working on my preview window and thumbnail ill post it in here so that you can judge it. Thanks guys :slight_smile: