What's your strategy in getting more sales on Graphicriver

As a new author, what strategies can one implement in increasing their sales.

I have 65 sales from 41 items which puts my average Sales to Item Ratio of 1.58. In January I will be officially 1 year old on envato. So I want 2020 to better salesically. Any strategies that could help point me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

Post your items in multiple communities, such as DeviantArt, Behance, and Dribbble. Maybe even start an Instagram specifically for your items. You can even contact some different asset sharing sites and have them feature your items. Basically the more places people can find your items, the more potential buyers will see them.


hi indeed u just try to do your best to display your items whoever you can … there is never anything “unuseful” so to speak … though using traditional social networks seems to help and apart from the likes of facebook and instagram (besides even more instagram according to what some of my friends analyzed) , the most efficient solutions that u may have are without the shadow of a doubt deviantart (but taking part and submitting in many groups takes time but pays off), dribbble (but u need to be invited to part of it , in the first place, otherwise u simply cannot do any other thing than just consulting things posted by others) and most importantly again your own website and the essential things that u really need to have …

oh otherwise to reply as regard to “strategy” well u can still also opt for choosing to pay google ads , to offer sone freebies on your own website to attract people including potential customers so that u can be known a bit more and otherwise , focusing on quality and originality is really helping , it may stand for evidence but i assume that reminding you off this fact in such a saturated marketplace may not be superfluous all the same …

Post your items in multiple communities and groups, such as DeviantArt, Behance, fb groups, reditt, Dribbble. Also do share those posts on instagram and other social media sites. The more exposure your products have the more chances of sales you have

but from last 2 months there is a terrible decline. I used to have more than 4 sales on an average but now hardly one or two… Is there anyone else facing same ?

All of my products keywords are ranking on first page in google :blush: :blush:. Am getting massive traffic from search engines but seems like a change going on or might be due to holidays