Help plz. Tell me How To earn faster


I need help about this cose i have 25 aproved designs but no selling


There’s no sure fire way of getting more sales, just keep uploading quality items and hope for some luck!


Your file are very niche - someone would need to be working a very particular style/type of project to need these.

Try building more common place and usable designs



  • find a niche or a revolutionary idea hitting a huge base of potential customers
  • spend a lot of time promote your items everywhere u can possibly do
  • upload everyday or even more if u can
  • offer great quality and originality
  • and have good luck lol
    JUST THAT ! lol in other words, u have a whole of things to deal with lol kidding lol


Make sure to promote your items all over the interwebs. If no one sees them they don’t exist.


cool it may be interesting :wink:


thank you broodher i will try all


thank you man


u are welcome :wink:


what did u mean? that most guesser here to make quick and easy profit? well if so, u maybe right but let me add a little something, this is that most of guys quickly realize what they have to deal with and realize that this is not a get rich quick place and the concerned guys do not stay for long , this who stay are quite aware of what the reality is …