Death to new items

So is this now how Envato intends to continue?
When there is already a tab for “Popular Items”, why in the world do you by default show best sellers when somebody wishes to view after effects templates or any other category?

In the old days my new items would get at least 100-200 views on first day. Now they are barely getting 10. Is this Envato’s way of motivating authors to create new and creative templates?

Can we please have a reply from Envato.

Do you want authors to STOP making new templates?


Envato don’t care about being on the front line of new and up-to-date styles, they just care about profit nowadays. Really sad.


i have observed this in codecanyon aswell when going through categories.

as a buyer it may be good but as you said, we already have popular files

so this is just to generate more revenue and killing new talent/files.

Envato Elements, and the best sellers selection is killing the market for new authors. :sob: