So envato decided to get away from new creators and projects?

Videohive shows everywhere only year’s most popular projects. They decided to focus on big bundles and get away from smaller, original, new projects.

My opinion: envato probably gets more money this way, but they minimize opportunities for new and smaller creators. The right thing is to give the opportunity to new creators equally, the “give-me-more-money-RIGHT-NOW” is the wrong way. Envato is a poorly managed product, we all know that, it exists only because its authors are good and absence of competition, but now it’s just morally wrong.

Though not like big businesses are really thinking about doing the right thing, but envato is a community-based company, they should.


While I do partially agree - what would be ‘your suggested way’ how it should be? Filters applied by default to the newest content?

Customers, especially novice ones, do not care about finding the ‘niche’ items - they want the best end result here and now. Normally, this leads to setting filters to ‘best selling items’/‘most popular’ anyways :slight_smile:


Ok, but after watching Newest Items first and giving them a fair opportunity of some good exposure. Because even best sellers authors make new items and I´m sure they want them to have exposure too.

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Completely agree - but this has to be well thought decision by the marketplace.

In the end - top sellers will get their exposure anyways. Question remains how to maintain it for new creators.

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Perfect, if this is so, then what is the reason for not keeping newest items category by default search?
So we all could have more balance and as you said, top sellers will get their exposure anyways

By my guess - it is to create a more quality marketplace picture from a first sight. To attract customers by giving them a spoon with the most delicious bite to begin with, without a need to deep dive.

It could be. But they´re losing money from many many new items I suppose. Anyway, nobody of us knows the real reason from the inside. We just talk because we can and then suffer the consequences of this new sorting :man_shrugging:

I see no support for new projects. 3 authors in the top new authors has only 2 sales.I think, new authors will look for other markets.

Hi’ Thank you for this topic.
I’m not very new and I before it worked on big companies on videohive like Pixflow in freelance for 5 years. I think when you make new project and it come to videohive you have force major time to marketing it. you must be fast in this way and not just stop and watch how many it sales. upload it to youtube, vimeo. facebook. instagram. and make good profile in social networks. make some new tutorials for people and between these tutorials send your new work too. I see the big companies worked very hard on their marketing. Thank you and best regards to you

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Well yeah You have fully right. Last year or tywo years ago was this same situatoin, and Envato explain it’s experience, how it will be work. On EnvatoTour in June in Poland, I ask about this situation James Giroux (sorry if i write wrong his name/surename). And James don’t know what to say about it, but tell "he will ask majors about it and give some answers. Well Im not new author but, i look every day in every filter option and well hurt true is LOW SALES of new items like never before ! I have 12 projects and one “big script” but i think it will have low sales because nobody will see this ! New users, even oldd customers do not change filter, and good way should be filter save in profie. Example i want to see always new content not bestsellers.
In my opinion this is special thing to promo bestsellers , and other authors should go to Elements but there you earn very very low. WE are talking about shares ratings in Elements platform, and it;s not satisfaction. Thi model only have future when in elements we will have low community of authors and huge comunnity of customers. Then we earn money. In other case we earn less then selling items normally. Sorry im focus on many topics but i think its all connected.
Sorry for my english and errors

Sales for new items are lower than before - that’s true. But you still can get sales from searching, lots of customers search items by tags (80-90% of my sales are coming from search, others from affiliates, soc media, etc) . Big packs are well-promoted in Social media and get to best-sellers. As for elements I wouldn’t say that earnings there are very-very-very low, I make there pretty nice amount of earnings, around 60-70% from
My VH earnings which didn’t fall last month