100% drop in sales, I need advice

So going from 2-3 sale per week to zero sales in the last 30 days for all my WordPress plugins on codecanyon

What I am doing wrong ? Do you think guys I should sell my plugins away from here as it seems waste of energy or it just my plugins not useful any more


Your last item is from 2021 and you may need to create new one. You were lucky so far that you were making proper sales - see the link

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I think, apart from outdated plugins, there are also the impacts of changes in the tech field following the economic recession and the pandemic.

Additionally, if your plugins and themes are developed using an older version of PHP, they can be upgraded to the latest version. Updating relevant libraries ensures compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

For example, when I consider buying a plugin for work:

  • If I check the reviews and comments and see no recent customer feedback, I would still buy it.
  • But if I find recent feedback about bugs or complaints regarding updates, I definitely won’t purchase it.

Therefore, I believe it’s essential to ensure plugins work well and remain compatible. If they meet customers’ needs, they will still sell.

All plugins works fine with php 8.3 and they recently updated it’s obesely not the reason

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Some of the points I mentioned are merely examples of open issues.

I am also developing some upcoming products on Envato. I have researched companies like Flatsome; it’s safe to say that they sell very well, averaging 50-60 sales per day.

Some questions that arise are:

  • When choosing between existing themes and builders, few would overlook Flatsome (do you think that’s the value they offer customers?). Their UX Builder and theme are good enough to handle most customization needs.
  • For other themes, you can’t overlook WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress or Elementor. These are classic examples showing that they still sell very well daily.

I believe the issue is not with Envato but rather the products themselves. For products that adapt, continuously change, and adjust to solve customer issues, they will be among the 20% that hold 80% of customers needing them. Overall, if we can create a good enough product while consistently improving it and providing customer support, there’s no reason why it would be rejected! You can refer to some plugin images I’ve mentioned; I only calculate author fees at 37.5% collectively, but the actual sales milestones have significantly lower author fees.

Products with dwindling sales may have exhausted the demand from their specific customer segment. Generally, in any field, it is rare to have a product with a perpetual lifecycle that doesn’t require adjustments.

These are just some personal points you can refer to, analyze, and evaluate against your products, and compare them to other successful products in the same niche. You might find ways to improve!


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Let’s just say that traffic on envato has gotten really bad, and this trend has been visible for years. So even a new product without personal SEO is doomed. Plus don’t forget that shutterstock bought envato, and I think there was optimization of SEO costs including, as a result we see what we see.


I have grasped this as well. Besides being a programmer, I also work with SEO as an SEOer. My understanding of SEO over the past 1-2 years is that with the advent of AI, ChatGPT, Bard, etc., marketing and related fields have undergone constantly changing variables. From my perspective, Google Search will undoubtedly lose market share in the future; the only question is to what extent.

I notice that Envato still advertises our products on Google Search. However, as a new author, I don’t have a clear opinion on the actual challenges you’re facing. I’m just expressing my personal viewpoint based on some product analysis for my own needs.

It’s the total sales at Envato is getting lower. In addition to that, Envato is promoting “Elements” instead for a long time that is also causing the problems. There’s big discussion at the page below:

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