Slow sales on CodeCanyon

What is going on with sales on CodeCayon for php scripts?
Looking at the latest added items for PHP Scripts, nothing sells decently well…
Is Envato doing no marketing for this category anymore ?
Is this related to the Credits Removal, people don’t buy for this reason?

What is going on ?

All authors have a huge drop in sales with a few exceptions, the reason is ‘unknown’ :slight_smile:

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Could you please share a link to where you have feedback from all 66.000 authors stating they have a “huge” drop in sales? I’ve seen quite a few stating the exact opposite. Just curious where you have those statistics from, since I spend the better half of my days on the forums, and I never saw anything remotely close to this.

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@Enabled - Instead of guessing, can you simply ask Envato what is going on ?

You’re referring to this category?. It seems to be doing all right for new file releases. Checking older pages of that link shows the sales are increasing steadily as the files grow older(this again widely depends on desirability of the item), so the sale average for the latest files for that category seem unaffected.

I’m not guessing. Sales are fine for that specific category for this time of year and based on how older pages are averaging. I see files released a few days ago that made 15 sales for $199 and I see files released 7 months ago that made 2 sales for $9.

Envato isn’t doing marketing for any category on any marketplace. They’re doing for the marketplace, i.e CodeCanyon. At the moment I see no ads running on Google for any marketplace or Envato Elements for that matter.

Generally, these period of the year has hiccups.

Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

One page with items having at most 10 sales with most of them having none or 1, is good ?
I don’t know, this is a mess if you ask me.

So again, what is envato doing, can you ask them for an official statement ?

Completely normal. Product desirability is always a factor to be taken into account.

This information is not available to me and most likely is an internal part of business that will not be shared publicly. However, if you wish, you can ask them yourself by opening a ticket -> Envato Help and Support

I know what you mean, but really there is a problem here, i have my products in this category and i know how things used to work and how the work now, this is why i am asking for some clarification.

So you as a moderator can’t just go through a direct channel with them and tell them “dudes, people are asking what’s going on with sales, what can i tell them?” ?
I was under impression mods can do that, i might be wrong, sorry for that if that’s the case.

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Your stats should be much better than what Envato can provide. You can access your own demographics, insights, bounce rates, impressions using Analytics on your items. You can determine exactly what’s happening much better than Envato can. based on previous months.

Of course I can, but my answer is exactly what Envato would give you, and if my answer is not correct or doesn’t satisfy you, you can simply open a ticket with Envato support so they can give you their own feedback. However, as I said, asking for statistics on different parts of the market is part of internal data, so don’t expect a detailed number. As these things are seldomly shared publicly due to their nature.

We can do that, but we also know some of these stats ourselves and when we usually give a reply like the one I gave you people understand it, but, if you don’t trust my feedback or consider it to be to poorly structured for the information you were looking for I can refer you to support, which can help you out more if possible.

We can’t just barge in over Envato staff for every question, that would end up being madness, so whatever we can’t scope, we ask users to go to support, where the staff there have special procedures for these things and assign ticket accordingly.

No worries mate, sorry I can’t give you all the info you need! :slight_smile:

@twisted1919, this is the overall health graphic and sales graphic of CodeCanyon up until the beginning of October. This data was obtained by a fellow moderator that had the inspiration to crawl web archives, so it isn’t 100% accurate, as pure Envato stats would be, but pretty much tells the story.

  • Health is a score which indicates how well new items are selling after their first week of life. It is also weighted, so outliers have less impact.
  • Sales is the cumulative number of sales of the top items on that marketplace.

Due to the nature of how health is calculated, the last two weeks are always unavailable.

@Enabled - I appreciate the effort :slight_smile:

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@twisted1919, cheers mate! Apparently, it’s a hiccup. Overall the marketplaces look “normal”. Have a great weekend mate! Cheers!

Based on my data, sales have been fairly consistent too, especially for PHP scripts. However, for me personally the last 2 months were awful but then this month has been amazing.

I don’t know why whenever I see a post talking about low sales I see you with the same comment :eyes:

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