Is CodeCanyon oversaturated to make good money?

I’ve been selling php scripts on CodeCanyon for 2 years and everything was good, I could make nice money and live from that money, but in last 3-4 months sales really dropped, and not only for me, it’s same for almost all other sellers.

So my question is CodeCanyon oversaturated for single developers? Is there any other good alternative? fedloan

It seems yes it does, My last WordPress plugin got approved 8 days ago without any single sale :sleepy:

CodeCanyon is over-saturated, but not in every category. You can still make money if you create a quality item in an area that is high in demand. I still see new items every now and then that pop up and immediately jump to the top of the sales charts.

CodeCanyon isn’t magic; it’s a marketplace, and like any other marketplace, it works with supply and demand. New items don’t sell simply because of the CodeCanyon machine, they sell because there is a demand for them.

And today, most demands are fulfilled by existing, high-quality items. It will take some serious dedication and effort to compete unless you find something unique. And even if you put in all that effort, it doesn’t mean success unless you’re hitting the right parts of the market.

It’s easy to blame the market. How do you know it’s not the fact that you had no live demo?


Are you sure you checked my last item ? Actually I have 2 live demos

Only quality plugins will sell so if you want to make it take your time when you create your plugins make sure that indeed it is premium.

dude my recent plugin is indeed premium and very unique and still no sales

Sales are bad lately I don’t understad why either, in my case I dropped 60% since May this month, personally I think is Elememts, the banner is everywhere, one day Envato will remove it but in the meantime is stealing clients from us, I don’t even know if it’s legal because is more the unfair to us contributors, buyers pay 16$ and get a bilion files as for you plugin I don’t know what to say, it looks good, you should get some sales, be patient.

Seams that hard time are ahead, a lot of contributors will fail in this new Envato world not to mention that a new author it would be almost impossible to make it unless he’s a genious, on the long run this is a very very bad decision.

Clients were used to get quality from plugins and themes not with Elements they get a milion bad plugins and themes not to mention no support which will infuriate the client, we all know that the browser is a mess, support is a must.

Yes this is what I was just thinking either to drop my items quality to make more items in no time or to work hard on my items and marketing them somewhere else any way I love Envato and as I mentioned in other post I will keep using them as checkout page.

Aside note: Does my item demo works with you ?

We all love Envato man, I am here for almost 10 years now but the current strategy is hurting us author, there was since I strted here as hard as it is now and it seam that is getting worse.

Yes your demo works.

We are all facing this together even the power elite authors having hard times.

@baileyherbert Please edit your answer people could get mislead with such a comment.

Sorry, I misinterpreted the comments on your item. It seems you were missing login info for your demo, rather than the demo itself being down.

But the basic idea is unchanged – how do you know that the missing login info didn’t cost you five potential sales? Sure, it may sound ridiculous, but you cannot say with certainty that it’s false. The point is, nobody knows why sales are down for a particular item or author. It’s too complex of a question, and too impossible to answer.

Anyway, the laws of supply and demand dictate that in a large market, there must be products that get little or no sales. I don’t have time to look much into your particular item or scenario, but one of three things is happening here:

  1. Your item is less attractive than another competing item, or;
  2. Your item is in a category with low demand and high supply (i.e. there’s not enough people to buy all the items that are available), or;
  3. Your item has poor exposure (what are your analytics like compared to your other items?)

CodeCanyon provides free exposure through on-site search, follow feeds, recommendations, and SEO. This is generally more of a slow exposure over time, though. If this is why your item is failing, you can expect sales over time.

Ultimately the one piece of advice that is most repeated on these forums is applicable here: Keep creating. If you consistently put out new items, you will gather more attention - not only to those new items, but your existing items as well. And who knows? Maybe one of your future items will hit a jackpot and shoot you straight up to Level 12. :wink:

There is no login info I want the buyers to try creating an account them self you can try it, The demo is down there for a reason I don’t want this type of buyers who is not ready to read a single word before buying my item even if it gonna cost me.

I will consider adding an agent login and thank you for the advise.

I think the problem is Envato Elements… :sob:


8 new items added = 0 sales
It’s really bad for any new author

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