how about codecanyon sales?

hi friends. What do you think about sales on codecanyon?
I sale here for 1-2 years. I sold much games and codes. But now, there are so so much bb created games on codecanyon. so much, and these games arent sold like before.

And another problem: because of its accessibility, there are so much clone games. Our games stolen, made some differences and published on codecanyon again…
what do you think about this subject?

Hi :wink:

Sales always have ups and downs, in any online or physical market, they depend on many factors.

In this time of year, many people around the globe are enjoying holidays. So, you could take advantage of this and learn some skills, develop something new, or do something you like :slight_smile:

At least this is something I always do when I am not busy replying to support/change requests. Meanwhile, of course, Envato does the marketing part, improving search and other factors, so this is not something we can influcence.

Regarding the copyright issues and items being copied from other authors, please remember that in the forums, discussions about piracy and this sort of copyright are not recommended:

While the intention of such matters being quickly posted/discussed in the forums is really appreciated, please report any/all copyright infringement related issues to Envato Help Centre


yeah… it is so. but I wrote here to find solutions…

Piracy is definitely getting worse. Envato is taking a “Cover Our A55” attitude. Straight from our support rep: “So this goes back to Envato not taking a judiciary role in any dispute so we won’t take account action on a dispute between an author and user.”

Meaning: They are no longer banning pirates. This includes anyone who uses plugins on more sites than they have licenses for, as well as those who distribute it to nulled/warez sites.

CodeCanyon has become a free-for-all for pirates. We need to speak out against this. Loudly. We need to get CodeCanyon/Envato Management to change their policies.

Otherwise there will be an exodus of good authors. Unless they change this policy, it will be more cost-effective for us to sell off our own individual sites, using tools like Easy Digital Downloads, etc.

Good advice!

Isn’t it? :slight_smile: Thanks!

For instance, recently my husband suffered an accident…quite unexpected…one hand and one foot affected. So while my sales are low this period, I’m helping him with his video business. I learned how to edit in Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects from the internet (I already had the basics)…well, I’m not a pro yet, but I try to learn and improve each day :slight_smile:

Also, recently, I developed a free Android app for my daughter’s school…and I had no idea about Android coding when I started it. I learned how to use Android Studio and how to develop an Android app while coding :slight_smile:

So I always use my time to learn new skills. You never know when you need them! :hugs:

Life means continuous improvement…


Hope your husband will cure and improve soon.
Yes you are right, there is no limit to learn and technology is always upgrading.