Anyone problems with Envato Elite Google Analytics?

Hey guys,

I’m Elite author for 2 years now, and I thought I’ll give the Google Analytics feature a try. So I did set up everything as instructed but I have to say it doesn’t really work for me, around 20% of the sales are not registered by Google.

Is anyone else having this problem? Is the beta-status of the feature responsible for this? It is pretty much useless when it doesn’t catch all the data.

And yes, I know it only catches future sales, I have it set up over a week ago and still, it says I had only 8 sales on January 3rd, while I had 11 sales on that date.
The time is set up correctly in Analytics, it runs at Melbourne Time as it should. The missing sales also don’t show up on other dates…

Don’t know what to do with that “feature” if it doesn’t work at all…

Hi Tobi, Google Analytics works fine here, maybe 1 sale missing but I thing maybe it’s server delay.

strange. I used my same Analytics account as for my website, but created a new property with it’s own tracking code.

Do I need to create a whole new Google Account for this to work properly?

No just new property that’s it.
Are you sure that you didn’t create some custom reports? Maybe that is the problem?

I actually didn’t do anything besides enabling e-commerce tracking and customizing the dashboard widgets to my likings…

Didn’t even figure out how to do custom reports by now.

Not sure if I did use the correct term in my last post, though. I created a new “instance”, maybe not a new property, that got me a tracking code that ended on “…-2”.
Now I’ve created a new property (I think) that gives me a tracking code ending on -1, and will try that one.

But in my understanding of how these things work, my former approach would have generated more data than needed, not less…
Well, I’ll wait for the next sale to happen and see if that is registered by Analytics…

Previous sales will not be shown only new sales during collecting data if everything is ok. As i know you need to create new property. I will PM you a link how to setup GA.

Yes I know that, will check again in a day or two and report how many sales are missing…

Thanks miseld :slight_smile:

Still sales are missing. I think it has something to do with VAT, those sales that charge VAT on the invoice are not reported in my analytics, the reverse charge or non-EU sales do get reported.

At least that’s the theory for now…

Na, at least not only that is causing it… Also some other sales are missing.

I have contacted Matthew, maybe he can figure out what’s wrong. Any coding/webdev genius here is of course welcome to help me out :smiley:

I’m missing one sale and the prices are off a little bit with taxes etc…

There is a little bit of JavaScript that runs in the buyers browser to add these purchases to Analytics. Quite a few things could go wrong that would prevent the buyer from reaching this “purchase success” page which would prevent data reaching analytics. So it will never be completely accurate.

I think the “amount” that gets added to analytics may need to be updated to reflect the new US prices.

Analytics is reporting earnings of $11.90 on a sale
Envato is reporting total earnings of $11.21 on a sale.

That missing $0.69 is the new US tax on that particular sale.

So it is normal that out of my last 7 sales only 4 show up in Analytics because buyer had javascript disabled or anything else?

I don’t really know what I should do with these “statistics” when they are so far off and only randomly tracks sales…

I did let analytics track my sales now for over a month. around 25% of the sales are not tracked, that equals in over a hundred sales each month in my account.

This feature looks unusable to me.

Happy that it works for you guys, but it doesn’t for me obviously. Matthew Cox didn’t response at all as well.
Guess times are over that elite authors got some premium treatment, we are just too many by now :wink: