Issues report for envato markets


yesterday there was an issue with clients not been able to make a purchase, it was reported trough twitter. Envato team all together needed 4 to 6 hours to solve it. In that time the only channel as far as i know for reporting this was Twitter

I do not know what incidents are reported here but i do not see it.

The point is we need a bit better reports on that, specially if it may impact sales. When it came up sales went up right away. I do not know how many of similar short term incidents that are not reported happen but we need a better system which would inform us also about the start time and solved time etc.

Nobody ever bothers to jump in in any chats about sales, sale trends, stats etc. at least this is how we could incorporate some additional stats.

Maybe i am wrong but i do believe envato has at least moral obligation to report to us authors as there providers of products, whats happening with markets in a more detailed and time accurate fashion.



I agree. We also just received an email from customer that is not able to purchase our Theme at the moment. So I guess it’ still not perfectly resolved …

This could explain the recent occasional day unusual drop out in sales. I don’t know why such hush hush over this kind of situations. Not like we are entitled to be reimbursed :smiley:

I too have no sales for the whole lot of hours today, just a single sale now. So only a couple of sales in last 24 hours.

I was shouting out about this but nobody responded, for the last 14 days we had quite a few purchasable sources which did not turn into sales in analytics. Usually about 15% do not turn but this stat was on 60% and more. This kind of issue translate into loss of money. A 200$ loss for one day is a huge sum for us.