Envato API - Down again ?

Suddenly my sales app stopped working, so I popped in build.envato.com to see if anything is changed - sure enough - most of the API Methods are missing from the docs, so I can’t even test out if they’re up or they’re changed.

For example: https://build.envato.com/api/#market_0_Author_Sales doesn’t lead anywhere.
Why is Envato API so unstable these days ?

Can we please get notified in a timely fashion about API changes ? Or is it too much to ask?

Same here, my Support Center has completely stopped working as well when it comes to the API. Buyers can no longer Request Support due to the API not verifying Usernames/Purchase Codes.

Very frustrating for both the Buyers and myself.
What is going on??


I wonder what the http://status.envato.com/ system is tracking? it shows no down time. I’ve had some on and off issues.

It’s up for me now, so I assume the issue is resolved.

The lack of communication from Envato is a bit annoying. Issues “resolve themselves” in a couple hours after you post on forums.

Yup, everything is working for me again too.

Sorry for the troubles. Our health check didn’t ping for this outage so I don’t think the API front door itself was broken however there were some network troubles with the Marketplace at Rackspace at around this time. This seems to correlate time-wise.

My theory is that due to these network problems the API gateway temporary lost track of the APIs that the marketplace was exposing. I’ll make some changes to the gateway to better handle this situation in the future.




Thanks so much for letting us know, and for doing this to help prevent future issues.

@gstamp Down again ?

+1. It seems to be down for a few hours now.

Hey just a quick one. This new Envato Market WordPress plugin (for theme and plugin updates) is going to put a bucket load of extra traffic on the API once it gains traction. WordPress can be pretty brutal with how often it pings for updates. If there was a separate public cached “version” endpoint like version.envato.com/item-id that would help as we could hit that constantly then head to the API once an update is available. (Just my 2c)