Are ThemeForest API down ?

ThemeForest is very slow and the page is incomplete… many loading problems. To you too?

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I was just about to ask. It’s not working for me either.

It’s a good time to test your scripts how they handle connection timeouts :smiley:

Yes it looks like the Devs are aware and are looking it it :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: However, the problems persist :frowning:

Oh surprised. so it’s not working at this moment.
our support site is checking purchase code to register on our support site.
it keeps not letting register.

“username is not invalid” or “invalid purchase code”.

I hope it’s from themeforest API issue and fix soon! :slight_smile:

Thank you,

I hope will be resolved! This is a big problem for us, our customers are not able to validate the purchase code

Envato Status has this marked as resolved, but API is not working, all request return Error 403.

The problem seems to occur only with Personal Token because I did some testing with Authenticating with OAuth and everything seems to work properly

The problem seems to occur only with Personal Token because I did some testing with Authenticating with OAuth and everything seems to work properly

Can confirm, getting error 403 right now.

I posted a temporary fix here Api [get / author / sale] not working anymore ?

It is still down and we are getting several requests an hour from new customers who cannot signup at our site.

The same problem. No luck with personal tokens. Any token returns 403 error Unauthorized operation - please use a valid token with the required permissions. Reason untrusted request

I’m getting flooded with angry buyer emails as well, complaining about them not being able to confirm their purchases either in my support forum and my plugins itself (to enable auto-update feature). It would be really great if Envato could make an official statement about the issue we can refer buyers to, BEFORE the first buyers use the issue as a reaon to give a low rating to our products.

There’s a weird Telstra outage here at the moment that is blocking my access to a bunch of websites. I cannot even log into AWS from Australia, I have to bounce through US. It could be something like that.

Apologies on the delay in responding to these threads. Yep, there was an issue introduced yesterday and I’ve just published a post mortem of the events at Envato Market Private API post mortem - 18th March 2016.

Please drop any comments or thoughts you have into the linked thread and I’m more than happy to answer them.

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Thanks jacob :slight_smile:

Hi there! Today it’s still not working. I just purchased a plugin (Visual Composer) and when I try to update it I get this: Error! Envato API error: User not found. This can sometimes occur if the user has registered with but not logged in to the marketplace yet.”

Any idea on how can I get it fixed?

Thank you!

The forums aren’t actively monitored by everyone so I highly recommend that you get in touch with support and we can look to troubleshoot this further and escalate it through the correct channels should it be required.


API offline ?

Yeah it’s been down since at least 8AM ET today.

They just recently updated the status

From 8:11 this morning:

So they definitely know about the issue. No word on ETA for a resolution, though

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