Api [get / author / sale] not working anymore ?

Hi everyone.
I’m very concerned about my support ticket system. It’s based on purchase code i used to verify using this call to the API

curl -H “Authorization: Bearer mypersonnaltokend” https://api.envato.com/v3/market/author/sale?code=’.$code

i now have an error message so nobody can contact me for now.

Is the API having trouble or some significant changes ? Like authorisation method ?
Please if someone have a quick answer !

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Just checked, I too get an error message.

Code executed:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer XXXXXXXXXX" https://api.envato.com/v1/market/private/user/verify-purchase:XXX-XX-XX.json


{"error":"User not found. This can sometimes occur if the user has registered with https://account.envato.com but not logged in to the marketplace yet.","code":"not_authenticated"}

Anyone else?

There is a matching thread here …

… and I’m also receiving emails from buyers not being able to validate/register their purchase codes right now.

Thanks guy. So let’s wait & see

temporary fix:
go to https://build.envato.com/api/#market_0_Author_Sale
click Log in with your Envato account to test this API method
F12 ( developer console ) -> network -> XHR
optionally clear so you can see only the new requests
insert code & click try out
you should have 2 requests one with the method 204 OPTIONS and one GET 200
click 200 GET and check request headers
you should have a header like
Authorization:"Bearer sometoken"
Use this token to temporarily use the service. It’s temporary since we don’t know its TTL ( time to live ).
LE: the TTL is 1 hour :frowning:

I’ve sent a ticket to envato to check this topic. The status page is still not reporting any issues. I hope it gets fixed soon :slight_smile:

I just submitted one as well, maybe it’ll be faster this way.

Devs will be looking into this. Thanks! :smiley:

Good old API problem still here too. Envato should really work this out as this is not the first time in a short period so this must be considered as priority 1 issue! Also the Envato status page says that the problem is resolved but in fact it is not!


is there any update to the issue? Clearly, more and more authors are reporting problems with the API and an official statement (maybe even forum announcement) would be greatly appreciated, so we can refer our angry buyers to it, BEFORE we receive 1-star ratings; some buyers are not very patient and very quick in “punishing” authors, even for an issue that is completely outside the author’s control!

There’s a weird Telstra outage here at the moment that is blocking my access to a bunch of websites. I cannot even log into AWS from Australia, I have to bounce through US. It could be something like that.

Unfortunately, yes there was an incident yesterday with the Envato private API. I’ve published a post mortem of the events at Envato Market Private API post mortem - 18th March 2016 if you are interested.

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Thanks for the update and I’m glad you guys are still investigating to prevent this from happening again.

It seems like it’s down again ? can some confirm ?

Yes. And status page says that they are working on it: http://status.envato.com/

Dear Support,

I have an issue with my Envato Item Purchase Code
User not found. This can sometimes occur if the user has registered with https://account.envato.com but not logged in to the marketplace yet
Please support

Please open a new support ticket if you are experiencing issues. Support queries are not generally answered on the forums.