My Envato API account restricted, is there any other way to check purchase codes.

I’m usually confirming codes of users on this link
But Envato suddenly blocked my access and I can’t login due to this message:
Access denied
Now, I can’t confirm any sale which’s really a big problem.

Is there any other way to check purchase codes of my users?

Hi , is a global issue not only for you they will fix this soon.

Ah!, thanks @Yobex . I feel better now :slightly_smiling_face:

I can confirm this is happening on my side as well.

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We are having this issue too. The Envato API might be down. All purchase codes of the customers are returning 404 and invalid.

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Staff have been notified, but it seems like an AWS outage:

The outage was in AWS Lambda. It should be resolved now. The Envato API is working for me again, so if anyone else is still having trouble, feel free to follow up here.


Greaaat job @baileyherbert :blush:, it works with me now. Thanks for fast responding.

Working now. Thanks for the fast action :slightly_smiling_face: I thought my Envato account had been suspended. :joy: