When can we expect the API to be fixed?

Verify purchase Envato API gives wrong supported_until. It gives this for purchase codes before & after Sept 1, 2015:


According to this: http://marketblog.envato.com/releases/item-support-related-api-changes/ It should be null for expired support, date for valid support, or perhaps it doesn’t exist for older than Sept 1 purchase codes.

When can we expect a working API call for this?

We had some issues with the API within the last few hours. These required some configuration changes to the API servers, and should have been sorted out now. Could you try it again and see if it is still a problem for you?


Yup it’s still the same, just checked now. I’m using this to check:


Result for a Sept 2 purchase code:
{"verify-purchase":{"item_name":"xxxxx","item_id":"xxxxx","created_at":"Wed Sep 02 10:57:17 +1000 2015","buyer":"xxxxx","licence":"Regular License","supported_until":""}}

Result for a July 11 purchase code:
{"verify-purchase":{"item_name":"xxxxx","item_id":"xxxxx","created_at":"Sat Jul 11 23:39:16 +1000 2015","buyer":"xxxxx","licence":"Regular License","supported_until":""}}

Blocked the other info with xxxxx to see clearly the results.

Using v3 doesn’t show the supported_until parameter.

Checked just now again:

Result for a Sept 2 purchase code:
{"verify-purchase":{"item_name":"xxxxx","item_id":"xxxxx","created_at":"Wed Sep 02 10:57:17 +1000 2015","buyer":"xxxxx","licence":"Regular License","supported_until":"Thu Mar 03 01:57:17 +1100 2016"}}

Result for a July 11 purchase code:
{"verify-purchase":{"item_name":"xxxxx","item_id":"xxxxx","created_at":"Sat Jul 11 23:39:16 +1000 2015","buyer":"xxxxx","licence":"Regular License","supported_until":"Wed Mar 02 03:00:00 +1100 2016"}}

for pre-Sept 1 sales, the supported_until parameter is now showing Sept 1 + 6 months. Both are now working correctly.

Next one is regarding the API call to: https://api.envato.com/v2/market/author/sale?code={purchase-code}

This currently does not have a supported_until parameter, is this the intended behavior?

Hey @GambitTech I am currently looking into the API issues yourself and others have reported. I’ll keep this thread updated with progress.

Thanks for reporting the issue in such detail, it helps us verify and diagnose more efficiently :+1:

I haven’t been able to get a supported_until in any response via the API documented here: https://build.envato.com/api/ – only support_amount

Hi @Astoundify I am looking into this right now, will have a fix out for it today.

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@createdbypete that would be aweeesommmeeeee!!!

(Also while you’re in there, can you add 'username' back into /author/sale ? This is only available via the old verify-purchase endpoint. Thanks!!!)

Great suggestion! Adding that in now before we deploy this :smiley:

Hey everyone,

Just pushed out the update to the API so those new endpoints include the supported_until key.

@dtbaker also squeezed in adding the buyer key so the username is available when you lookup a single sale by the purchase code.

It’s late so I’m off home now but if there are any problems I’ll be checking in on this thread when I get in tomorrow.


@createdbypete Verified that get /author/sale now returns the correct supported_until field, verified too that the buyer field is present.

We’re still missing the verify purchase entry in the docs at https://build.envato.com/api :slight_smile:

Verify purchase has been replaced with /author/sale - does same thing and you get more details

@createdbypete @nocache

I cannot even get the Purchase Code Verify. It shows the following error.


Response :

  "error": 404,
  "description": "No purchase belonging to the current user found with that code"

@dtbaker Are they deprecating verify-purchase? But I don’t want to use tokens, it complicates things.

@surjithctly Use https://api.envato.com/v2/market/author/sale?code={purchase-code} instead. That’s if you’re the buyer and not the author

Yeah… that works… But I just wanted to see whether the purchase code is valid or not…

Now it shows my Item Descriptions and other details, Which are same for all purchase code right? Then why that option? I think previously buyer purchase code worked well…

No idea why they have removed it :frowning:

@surjithctly I have the same question also regarding whether they will deprecate verify-purchase or not since it’s not in the docs anymore.

@createdbypete Can you confirm this?

So now that I am trying to back process all my customers licenses I seem to have been blocked from the API. I’ve only processed ~170 keys!

Can we please remove the API rate limitation, this is going to cause issues now and again in 6 months when my system will auto check expired licenses.

I shouldn’t need to rate limit my system, it shouldn’t be hard to process a basic API request.

I just process them whenever needed (ie when someone cobtavts me). But if you want all just hit author/sales you get the same data with less requests edit: never mind they’ve removed purchase code from /author/sales boo

You need a personal token for author/sale , just like verify purchase. Don’t need complicated oauth stuff for this. It’s actually easier to code than the old api because you only need 1 variable (token) instead of two (token and username)