[Envato API] - Verifying purchases


I am trying to implement the upcoming support changes in my support system, but I am a little bit confused. The links related to verifying the purchases in the API support blog, don’t work and I can’t find the right endpoint in the API (v2) documentation. Which endpoint should I use? Or can I only still use the v1 version:


Besides that, if I do a call to


what value can I expect for support_amount? And is there a reason why ‘supported_until’ isn’t included in that response?


Hey @DeLeeuw_

The verify-purchase docs were removed a few days ago while they work on the new author/sale API endpoint.

Best to stick with the old v1 verify-purchase endpoint - that’s what I’m using. Once the author/sale endpoint has been updated to include the information from v1 then we can swap to that.

Good luck!


Thanks for your response! So I can assume that supported_until will probably also be part of the new author/sale endpoint or replaced by the support_amount value?


Yep after 1st of September you will start seeing a date in here. If this value is empty then the user does not have a support pack attached to their purchase.

However if the purchase was made before the 1st of September then this date will still remain empty and it is up to you to decide if they have a “support pack” or whatever yourself.

So what I’m doing is either using the “supported_until” value or just adding 6 months to the purchase date.