API changes for Support Policy


Since new Support Policy is now live, I tested the API results for purchase code verification. And, all purchase codes still return supported_until field as empty. From what I have understand, all items purchased before today will get 6 months support, and that should be reflected by the supported_until field, yet all codes I checked have this as empty.

Can you let us know what is going on, and when the API will start working as expected on this?


Item Support Policy and Functionality Launched

The support_until of /private/user/verify-purchase is still empty and the support_amount in author/sales has a decimal.

In my case it’s 4.99. So where does it come from? Let’s have a look on the statement page:

The last sales are the latest four rows (WTF!?). While my item was $15.20 worth the purchase before it is now only $ 9.50 (that’s 62%) and the support for the item is $ 5.70

If I deduct the Author fee of $ 0.71 from the support item price I get the $ 4.99 so this is the support_amount from the API

So how much is the support for a $ 19,- item? $ 5.70 were I have to pay $ 0.71 to Envato. That’s not 30%. Is it?


Hey, hope you checked this - Item Support. How it works? (more confusing)