API changes for Support Policy

Since new Support Policy is now live, I tested the API results for purchase code verification. And, all purchase codes still return supported_until field as empty. From what I have understand, all items purchased before today will get 6 months support, and that should be reflected by the supported_until field, yet all codes I checked have this as empty.

Can you let us know what is going on, and when the API will start working as expected on this?


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The support_until of /private/user/verify-purchase is still empty and the support_amount in author/sales has a decimal.

In my case it’s 4.99. So where does it come from? Let’s have a look on the statement page:

The last sales are the latest four rows (WTF!?). While my item was 15.20 worth the purchase before it is now only 9.50 (that’s 62%) and the support for the item is $ 5.70

If I deduct the Author fee of 0.71 from the support item price I get the 4.99 so this is the support_amount from the API

So how much is the support for a 19,- item? 5.70 were I have to pay $ 0.71 to Envato. That’s not 30%. Is it?

Hey, hope you checked this - Item Support. How it works? (more confusing)