Supported items without actual support date

Last week, one of our clients requested for support because one of our items (responsible for automatically licensing products sold by authors at Envato) didn’t work properly for him. Everything worked as expected, but no matter which purchase code he used to test, our item always marked it as “support expired”

Which was super strange because our script is on sale for years, and nobody had such a problem. We asked client to provide us with Envato purchase codes he used, so we could debug it further. And… after entering any of provided codes to our script (which connects to Envato API on author’s behalf), Envato API always returned - supported_until:null But that’s not all. Envato API also reported for all his codes: purchase price: $0.87, even if item is priced at $59.

How is that possible? Like we said, it only happens with purchase codes provided by this single author, and other authors never had such a problem (Envato API always return correct price and support date).

P.S. To clarify, author provided us with purchase codes of his own buyers (in other words, codes of buyers at Envato who purchased author’s item).

Just a quick update - after testing this stuff further, I found that these codes come from buyers who only make 1 purchase (obviously, they purchase author’s item) and then they leave 5 stars rating in minutes after purchase.

Is it possible author was buying his own items under fake accounts? Otherwise, I have no idea…

And yeah, this is Elite author…