Does Envato Have ANY Customer support?

I have a problem with some plugins that I bought on Envato. The author has been unable to help me, I don’t think it’s his fault. I think it’s Envato’s fault.

As far as I can tell Envato has ZERO customer support.

Does anyone know how a lowly customer can get a response from Envato?

Support is here but they cannot help with item issues. That is only the author who can assist there.

Out of interest - why do you think it is Envato’s fault?

All they do is host the item for sale and support the transaction. Anything related to the functionality or features of an item is the author’s support.

I’ve already spoken to the author about it. I’ve been a customer of his for several years and he has always been very helpful. He told me the problem that I’m having is an Envato problem. See below:

Automatic update error! Could not reach Envato API for purchase code check.

You are right it’s an API issue then it might be them. You can try support using the link above.

It might be worth asking the author if you can just download the latest versions from your downloads page and manually fulfill the update?

Manually? NO THANK YOU.

If you are close to the author then maybe they will do it

Hello @asterica,

I see you’ve opened a support ticket for this issue today, and I’ve just replied to your ticket to get a bit more information from you. Hopefully we’ll get the issue sorted out quickly!