Lack of support for purchases

Having purchased a theme and associated plugins from Envato and subsequent licensing/support issues (developer vanished) my advice to anyone reading this - STAY AWAY FROM ENVATO!!

You, web site developer, are not their customer.

They are here to sell digital goods while pretending to offer you support. In fact, if you read enough posts in this forum, you will see that their only obligation to purchasers of these digital goods is to tell you to contact the author.



Open a Envato Help Ticket they would like to assist you.
At Envato Forum we can’t do anything about this issue.


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Tough luck my friend. Hope you learned a dear lesson there. I mean what were you thinking buying stuff from people who just VANISH. I bet you did it on purpose just so you could come here and complain :confused:

Jokes apart :sweat_smile: this can happen for various reasons and to anyone, none of which are related to Envato. For all we know, the economy where this guy lives tanked, lost internet connectivity, they’ve had to close shop and most likely lost their livelihood. It’s life.

On the bright side, you still have the item you purchased. If you didn’t download it, then get in touch with support. Pretty sure you will get your money back!

I couldn’t agree more. I have purchased Porto for Drupal 8 but the download is for Drupal 7. So I went to the Supplier website (Refaktor) and was required to Create a Support Account using the Purchase code I received at the time of purchase. Their system stated that the purchase code was invalid. So I used their email support including a screenshot of the problem. So what did they do but send me a URL taking me back to the same Create Support Account page that didn’t work. It is quite clear that their support person had not read the email outlining the issue.
So I created a ticket with Envato explaining the issue only to receive an automated response saying that their response time could be up to ten %^@#% days. What sort of support is that?
I would stay clear of both Envato and Refaktor.

If Envato support takes 10 days to respond, then you will have to wait on that. Though you also need to consider that this is an extraordinary time. Almost everybody has cut down their work force or downsized.

You can still write a message in the items comments section and tell the author that you are unable to create a support ticket because it’s not working.

If there is an update - why are you going through their website to get this?

If an update exists then you just download it from your themeforest account (signed in)

No need to get anything from their website or register anywhere new.

OK - let’s go to the start. I have purchased from Envato’s Theme Forest site a copy of the Porto theme for Drupal 7 & 8. I will be using Drupal 8. The download takes me to a Theme Forest download page which downloads the Drupal 7 version. I thought maybe this is also the versions for Drupal 8 but the install instructions for Drupal 8 state:

Option 2:

There is no D8 folder in the download
So I went to the ThemeForest Support page and it requires me to create a support account by entering the purchase code provided for a company called Refaktor. It is invalid. So I did what was suggested and emailed the support people with a screenshot of the error. They sent back a fix which pointed me to the Create Support Account site which I had already told them didn’t accept the purchase code. So I sent them another email telling them that they had failed to understand the problem and get back to me. They have not done so.
I then sent an email to Envato, the people I paid my money to and got an automated response telling me they would respond in ten days time.
Just telling me to go to the Theme Forest download site and download the Porto Theme is not all that helpful.