Not getting support for purchased plugin.

I have bought a plugin for one of my customers. Have tried reaching their support 3 times
(1 x comment on plugin. 1 x email direct from their website and of course 1 x ticket) and get nothing … internet tumbleweed.

Any suggestions on how to move forward?


How long has it been since you opened a ticket with them?

2 days since first email.
1 day since comment on their plugin.

What I find weird is I didn’t even get an automated “we have received your …”

How long do you suggest I wait before I panic :smiley:

2 days isn’t bad. I would give them a few more days. What is the name of the plugin? Perhaps they have their own support page.

How about 2 MONTHS?

2 months ago I bought flatsome theme and immediately requested a refund when I discovered it was only for one domain.

Despite being told i would get a response communication has been shoddy at best.

All anyone has said is that ALL themes via envato are single domain only, YET NOWHERE in the sales process was this apparent UNTIL after the sale.

I just want a refund, YOU do NOT want a lawsuit, which if I look at your entire system, it appears you are gaping wide open begging for one in mass tort effect at worst, or class action at best in my opinion, as very few theme sales pages in envato make this single domain usage policy CLEAR.

Now, you gentlemen might be under the impression the world should already know this but I find your ignorance of my request for the refund in the first place highly negligent, and your insistence I should have known this policy, extremely precocious and assumptive.

What do you plan to do about this? I can tell you exactly what I plan to do about it If I do not get resolution in short order.

Your move…what is your plan?

By the way, in addition to the ridiculous policy, there seems to be a disconnect between the vendor and envato AND the refund policy itself. In that, when I sent in my email I received a reply saying in effect;

Soner replied
May 29, 8:02pm

Purchases, licenses and refunds are controlled by Envato Market. We don’t have any control over them.

On Themeforest, there is no license for “multiple” or “developer” usage.

Please open a refund request from here: Request a Refund

If you already did that and haven’t got an answer please open a support ticket from here: Open a Support Request

Best Regards,

Soner Kalonya - Support Engineer

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Yet when I followed the link it says I have no purchases qualified for REFUND?

What kind of circle of ignorance is that?

These refund processes are not exactly making this easy or pleasant , added to that is the mission impossible network of support paths to effectively and easily arrive at a single point of resolution.

What say ye…how am I supposed to get a refund when you fail to reply to the previous emails sufficiently and drag this out for what almost certainly has consumed months now?

You are obviously not eligible for a refund. You should have read the fine print. Whose fault is that? :frowning:

What makes you think you can buy a theme for $59 and reuse on any number of websites? Most of us cannot afford to work for free, just so you know :expressionless:

No one here has the exact details of your situation to be able to judge what happened BUT this point above simply is not true.

License details are linked from the main T&Cs plus the link is right underneath the item when anyone adds it to their cart etc.

Placing the detail of any license on a clickable link is perfectly reasonable and exactly how it works on pretty much every online marketplace.

It’s hard to tell from your posts did you only try to refund via the author or did you escalate it to envato also?


first to author then to envato,

Sorry guys but transparency in the purchase process is not exactly the strongpoint of this funnel process. All that is required is to simply say, single domain license PROMINENTLY on the dialogue prior to any clicking at all.

Not like there is not enough room for it.

At any rate, making the leap from $59 to $3k, is a major turnoff and I would appreciate a refund and am completely fine with you deactivating the software once having done so, I will find something more feasible for my needs.

Refund request ID

this has been sitting “in progress” for 2 months

Here is another issue, when I registered this refund request with envato, here was the responsel

“We have sent your refund request to UX-themes for review. They will be able to approve or deny the request and may get in contact with you if they need to discuss any of the details. Any action taken by UX-themes will be emailed to you.”

Well, the responses I keep getting from UX themes are the same circle of ignorance, see below.

“Purchases, licenses and refunds are controlled by Envato Market. We don’t have any control over them.”

This is completely confusing, BOTH of you re: the marketplace AND the vendor are offloading the issue on the other saying neither of you has anything to do with it??

Ahem…please just refund me so I can take my business somewhere where the sales process is treated on a customer first basis.

I have heard back from them this morning. :ok_hand: