Theme Refund

I mistakenly purchased theme as I had narrowed my selection down to 2 and purchased the wrong one.

I initiated refund, as I haven’t downloaded the theme. I stated the case on the refund. I’ve had no reply to this for over a week so I contacted through theme support and again no reply.

I see now it’s next to impossible to contact themeforest, so any suggestions on what I could do?


If the refund request has not been responded to within 5 days, you should see a link or button somewhere on the refund page to raise a dispute with Envato support.

Thanks, I don’t think buyers have a downloads section like authors do.

I just found, hidden in the help section, a way of submitting a ticket so I’ve done that.

I couldn’t even tell you where I found it but it’s submitted now so hopefully that will resolve it.

Thanks for your help.