Hello everyone
I am wondering why it has become so difficult to get a refund around here.
I do understand that software once downloaded and installed in most cases should not be refunded.

This is my case
I downloaded a theme from “Elements” where I have spent hundreds of dollars on subscription.
I keep having multiple issue with the theme so I reached out to the author but was told I need to buy the theme from Themeforest in order to receive support. I bought the theme even with extended support.

  1. The author takes days at a time to respond to the issues, of which I had a list.
  2. They would login and fix only one or two of the issue (patch not address the issue) They actually disable a theme default function to fix one of the issue so I do not call that fix.
  3. There are about three issues that they completely ignore requests of requests.
  4. There is a particular issue they keep saying does not exist and I even sent a video clip of the issue and they ignored it.
  5. One of the issue they supposedly fixed came back after an update.

And the list goes on.

Bottom line
I did not buy this them because I needed the theme, I already had the theme via my “Elements” subscription.
I bought it because I needed help to fix issues I was having and that’s not happening.

The author as so for not answered me in nearly a week.
They are now completely ignoring my emails.
Can someone tell me why that’s not grounds for a refund.

Notice I did not say who because I am not mad enough to say it yet but I cannot through away money like that. I am not up to loosing $90.00 just like that.

Can someone from Envato help me get my money back
I have been a customer for over 11 years, is this the service I get?

I understand what have you been through but no one will solve your problem on the forum . You will have to make a refund request at this link to present your problems to Envato Staff in an officially manner.

Thank you MTzST

  1. I did there already over a week ago and I have had now response.
    This seem to have gone to the author and not to Envato.
  2. The item I select from the drop-down is now not in the list of items anymore so I can’t even send it again.

I am frustrated and don’t know where else to turn for help.
Did that message get sent to both Envato and the author?

If yes, how do I get back to Envato to let them know that the author is not responding to me at all.

Thank you

If it’s not on the list then it is being processed. if it has been over 7 working days (ex. weekends) then you can reach out to envato Envato Market Help and Support

To touch on your first message, this is definitely grounds for a refund. Disabling a function that is presented in the demo as a functioning element to resolve another issue is 100% not okay and should be frowned upon! Get in touch with Envato Help (link) immediately. This will be passed down to the review team which will disable the item on both the Marketplaces and Envato Elements if it’s not resolved in the shortest time. Be sure to include as much detail as possible with your issue.

We’re sorry to hear about your nasty experience, but rest assured, this happens quite, quite rarely!

Enabled, thank you for your response and for the link.
I will reach out to them. I just want my money back so I can purchase another theme.
I absolutely love theme I but there are too many issues and I don’t have the time to wait for the author and too many issues not responded to at all.

With that said, I don’t want to see the theme removed. I just hope that the author can the issues fixed.
Maybe they could reach out to other authors to help them because it’s a very great theme if it worked as advertised.

Thanks again

Just an update

I have not heard from the author since April 26 and I have sent several messages and no response at all.
It’s as though I do not exist.

I am also waiting for Envato to get back to me.
I really need my money back so I can buy a new theme.
I have to redo my site so i am running behind
I am not going to buy another theme while my refund is outstanding.

I am really disgust by the behavior of this author though, WOW!

Can someone help me get a refund ASAP

Thank you