Refund request stays unanswered


I purchased a Wordpress theme a week ago and I requested a refund immediately after because the theme is extremely difficult and ‘a mess’ and I can only import a small portion of the demo data.

The refund request stays unanswered and I cannot find any links to contact envato/themeforest (unacceptable, i’m sorry), so therefore I’m trying my luck here to obtain my refund asap.
Thanks in advance.

If you downloaded the theme already, you have lost your opportunity to request ( get ) the refund.

For the issue you’re having, you could request some support from the theme author but that is no good reason to request refund. Your request would probably be declined by the author as well as if you dispute it, you’d get another rejection from the Envato team

Neither Envato nor authors are obliged to give policy refunds in any of the situations listed below.

  • You do not have sufficient expertise to use the item
  • The item did not meet your expectations or you feel the item is of low quality

At first you should to contact the theme author and ask them support on the problem (demo data import) you are facing. I believe Author will help you.

By the way if the author does not respond to the refund request within 7 days, you will be given an option to raise a dispute with Envato. This option should appear automatically as a link or button on the refund request details page after 7 days from the refund requested date.


Thanks for your answers.

You cannot decide if the theme is good for you or not without downloading it so that’s absolute bonkers… I’m ready to sign a paper that states that I’ve removed all data and that I will never send the theme to anyone, what’s even prohibited when you decide to keep the theme. The theme is not good, it’s as simple as that, and support is not going to change that. All code is a mess, the theme is a mess, I’ve moved on and used a free theme of Wordpress.

I’ve been an Envato client since 2014 so I expect a little of respect for their clients. If I don’t get the refund, I’m obligated to write an honest review on the theme’s page and on Google for Envato and that isn’t going to do any good for anyone.

Yes, you can. All of the themes at Envato marketplace met with the requirements and has been checked by the reviewers. In addition, there’s an active demo site that you could see it in action. If you still have questions regarding to the theme, you could ask the questions to the author before purchase.

It doesn’t matter unless the item is broken/not advertised. Your case here first unable to import the demo data which requires some skills and server requirements. Now you’re claiming it’s not good/messy etc. From here, it sounds like you’re looking for reasons to get the refund but as said as well as the terms ( I posted the link on the previous message ) you may not be able to get the refund.

Threatening is also not good way to get your situation solved, if you’re talking this way to the author who’s responsible to provide the support, they may stop replying your messages and you could be reported to Envato.

We are living in a free world ( almost ) you’re free to post any review that you wish you’d like.

The theme is messy and the imported data isn’t sufficiant. The demo states the full imported demo, which is not possible after purchase so the buyer is not correctly informed. I’m a MCSE and Master in ICT so I think I’m capable of doing something right but it is not possible. And the author has never replied neither did Envato, ‘great’ service.

So the demo isn’t accurate and the ‘messyness’ can only be seen after purchase.

Is this the treatment that one gets for buying a theme through the legit way? The themes can be downloaded all over the internet but I chose to do it legally and pay the author. But when the author lies and does not respond afterwards (and neither does Envato), we all have to be quiet? That’s not ok man, really.

If you’re using local “French” servers such as 1and1, those servers requires configuration to meet the theme requirements. I had experiences with those servers, not easy to import the demo data on default configuration.

There’s no guarantee that the theme would look same as the demo data - what you have paid for is the theme and you’d need configuration/set-up to get the similar look as the live site.

Every theme has its own management/coding style. You’d need to spend some time to get some experience with it. ( To get familiar with )

You don’t have to be quiet but again from my aspect, you’re using “different” reasons to get the refund just because you have changed your mind or you didn’t like the theme.

How did you request a refund?

What was the item?

Hi Charlie,

i did my request through Envato, I did not see the possibility with the author.

The theme is DREAM LAND- Single Property Real Estate WordPress Theme.

@ki-themes: I did not change my mind, why should I? The theme looked like the perfect theme for my purpose but it seems that I got another theme. Nearly any possibilities to edit the theme, cannot import all the data (so it does not look at all like the demo) and the author does not react to the refund request, that’s not ok. I understand your point of view as author but you have to deliver what you promise, it’s that simple. I could download an illegal version of the theme (and could eliminate any refund problems) but I did it by the book because I want to support the authors. I hope that the author will respect that and refund me because the theme is not at all as promised.

You gotta solve the problem between Envato and the author.

It’s stealing and if you’re okay with that, go for it next time.

Please don’t quote a portion of the sentence, that’s not ok…

“I could download an illegal version of the theme (and could eliminate any refund problems) but I did it by the book because I want to support the authors.

Mentioning it sounds like you’ve been considering the option, that’s why I commented.

Anyway, it may take a while to get the results from both author and Envato but good luck!


Hello - firstly sorry to hear that you have had issues with your purchased theme. Sometimes theme instructions can leave buyers (especially inexperienced buyers) left wondering how does this work?

Since you only purchased this theme a week ago, and then immediately requested a refund, to me that seems like you didn’t even try either reading other comments that buyers may have said, or asking questions to the author to help you get the best from the theme.

As a buyer it is always good to check the theme - also see what comments have been made, and see then if you think the theme is going to be suitable for your needs and expectations. Some buyers tend to think that they can buy a theme/template which is going to be 100% what they need, but that is short-sighted.

If you feel that you got no support from a paid for theme, then you definitely will not get support on a free theme.

All of us “keep learning” so as @ki-themes has pointed out

Then its best to learn and work on a theme to get what YOU want from it to meet your specific needs.

I hope your refund request gets sorted as soon as it can - best wishes

Thanks to all, hopefully I will hear back from the author and/or Envato.