Unfair support from authors and Envato team

Whatever happened to these authors may God forbid them
Because it looks like I bought themes from Cemetery
Imagine buying themes and all never worked
I submitted the request support ticket a month ago up to now
I submitted a refund request a few weeks ago up to now
I raised a dispute weeks ago up to now
Now what can I do because it is like I am extremely stupid enough whereby I have again bought another theme from the same author not knowing that is the same for both theme

So briefly I lost more than $300+ to one author
And What makes me sad is that they never respond to support yet they indicate it.
I think ENVATO should include this (“Buy this item at your own risk”)

Imagine you request for help and someone takes weeks without help would you be waiting for the response or you looking for available alternatives?

Because sometimes when the Author takes long to respond and you have to finish the project, what you do is to buy another item that is similar but you find that you want a refund because you did not use his/her item and say no the refund request period got expired.

What I want to tell you Authors that we’re not fraudsters that we get this money freely
As you want to build your dreams it is the same for us who use your items

We work hard to collect that money to get items from you sometimes you treat us like orphans, you treat us like trash, and you treat our earnings like nonsense.

I don’t know, am I unlucky or?
All your replies will be much appreciated, thanks from “UNHAPPY CLIENT-SSEMUGENYI VICENT”

Buyent - Classified WordPress Theme
[AdForest - Classified Ads WordPress Theme]

Obviously it’s not good that you have had a bad experience but unfortunately noone in these forums will be able to offer advice without context, and you need to try and reach Envato Market Help and Support or else try using the item comments.

For reference @scriptsbundle is a power elite and highly respected author, plus one of those themes has exceptionally good ratings which does make it unlikely that it does not work.

Hi @annexuniverse,

I am really sorry if you are getting issues in import demo content. I saw that you created a ticket on our support forum on 7th April and our team replied with an hour about what could be the issue and didn’t get any response back yet.

Now, again you have created a ticket and the delay is due to the weekend but I have directed your support ticket to our team they will be looking into it shortly. I will request you to follow up on your ticket and they will check and guide you and even they can import the demo content for you and set it up like the demo we have.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience you faced. We always love our customers and try to help them even if we need to go beyond the lines.
Looking forward to hearing from you.



Nothing much to add on

I just wish if I could get a refund at least for one item, at least one for refund
Because I thought I was running away from a flooding River and unfortunately fell into the lake

You can just create a refund request. Thanks

Finally as I came here to complain about something
Again I have come back to appreciate you
@scriptsbundle worked on my issues and now everything is running smoothly. Thanks community

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