Strange refund request

Hello fellow authors,

What would you do in this situation? Approve or decline?

Thanks in advice.

Reject the refund request: Tell that there’s a live preview/demo that anyone could check, suggest to use “cache” plugin for the speed. Try to help to solve the problems but It sounds like he/she already changed his/her mind to use another item - that’s why requesting a refund.

You’d probably get a bad review, use this screen as proof of “blackmailing” to get the comments removed.


Today Envato also arbitrarily refunded without asking my opinion.

Some customers make extremely unreasonable support requests, related to item customization and changing the item’s code structure.

When support was denied, they started terrorizing by leaving 1-star ratings and defaming the author.

The support policy offered by Envato is like a joke. It seems like the authors are being left out.

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You can contact Envato support and request a reason why it’s been refunded. Is it the same buyer or another one, by the way?

No, I’m just commenting here. These are two different customers.

Of course we created the ticket and asked Envato for clarification.

This customer requested to move the entire feature plugin code into the child theme.

A completely unreasonable request, no specific support or guidance can be provided for that job.

Of course, we will refuse that support. It is not within the scope of support of the authors.

No one customizes WordPress that way, it goes against and breaks the standard structure:

Have you ever thought of copying the code of any plugin into a child theme and customizing it? It’s really ridiculous, it needs to be done via hooks. And he needs to learn and research to know how to do it.

The authors are not teachers to teach him to become a WordPress developer for only $59.

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I understand your concern and you’re right about to not to perform the changes but I believe, as some buyers complains too much ( in an aggressive way ) some of the support may though it’d be the easiest solution to refund the payment.

Had few similar issue while I was part of Studio, good thing that when they canceled the job and refunded the payment, they would actually paying me the same amount at the same time. I hope Envato ( marketplace ) could provide something similar.

You should contact support and get some details about the refund

We respect all customers and will always provide the necessary support within the product scope and features announced in the demo version.

Of course, we will refuse support in case a customer makes unreasonable support requests or exhibits threatening or discriminatory behavior…

The authors also had to invest a lot of time and money to develop the product. It is a stressful and difficult job.

You can’t ask a motorbike shop to teach you how to ride…
That’s each person’s skill before owning a specific vehicle.

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Don’t explain it to me, I’m an author here and I had similar issues before.

I’m still receiving refund requests in this situation. They want me to send them custom code for modifications, etc. However, I’m still declining their requests. I completely agree with your opinion.