Wordpress theme refund, no support



Hi, I purchased a Wordpress theme around 8 weeks ago, and to begin all was ok, author fixed bugs often by accessing my wpadmin panel and changing code until next release.

However 5 weeks ago the author stopped responding to ticket requests in their own support forum & doesn’t respond to comments in TF comments section, I am thinking they may be unable for whatever reason to respond but I am now left with an unusable theme and no support.

I contacted Envato who tried to contact the author over 6 days ago with no reply, they have now said request a refund from the author even though they are not responding to any requests which I have. However what do I do if the author simply doesn’t respond to anyones requests, I really need this resolving asap so I can move on…


Does your support already expired?


Hi, no it expires in October 2016, I have also checked another theme of the authors and they are not being supported either.


that’s really a problem… try waiting for another 1 week…


Yes, I thought the same! Im guessing if the author is unable to respond or simply doesn’t respond then a refund won’t be happening from Envato? Will they even investigate it any further?

I have no choice to wait but need to make a decision on asking for additional budget to go with another theme today…


I am pretty sure that you wont get a refund. You have used the theme, you acknowledge that the author helped you a few times and now you want a refund? He even loged in to your pannel, wich is not included in the support rules. The refund policies are clear and the refunds are managed by the authors now and not envato.

And as a personal point, some people think that for 6-7$ they buy a slave.


No need to start insulting people and suggesting I paid $7 to buy a slave, its $70 and the author offered support for 6 months not 5 weeks, not sure what you don’t understand about that. Its not like I don’t want to use the theme, I’ve put 8 weeks of work into it, again whats the problem with asking for support?

The theme had several issues which I could only encounter after downloading and configuring, had many bugs that the author fully admitted needing resolving through their next update which has never materialised unfortunately. They chose to access the admin panel to implement a short term fix, whats your problem with that?

As it stands, the theme is broken and code has been changed by author to temporarily resolve the issues and I have no idea what they have done.

I’ll leave it there, if I don’t get a refund so be it, lesson learnt.


I don’t think Compot is personally insulting you it’s just unfortunately some people do expect too much from authors. We know very little about your situation so we are not saying that is true of you.

Obviously it’s not good the author is not responding but they may have personal issues, for all we know they or a loved one may be in hospital. You’ll just have to be patient about getting a refund or waiting for an answer.

Now again I don’t know about your situation, but I do find that 99.9% of the time a user says there is a bug there isn’t. It’s often a server issue, another plugin, there own code added, a misconfiguration of settings, a misunderstanding about theme feature, lack of understanding of WP.


I appreciate your comments Zorbix and understand every scenario is different. I too thought the author may have personal issues but thought having waited 5 weeks I was being fairly patient in my opinion.

As for the bugs, the author themselves informed me there were bugs that needed fixing which would be done in future release. Such things as tabs & linking to anchors in other pages don’t work, certain css issues were found while they were trying to resolve the problems. To me these are things I purchased and the author agreed.

Anyway, lets just hope the author is ok whatever the issues, perhaps Themeforest should pull the theme until they can confirm author is fine and able to continue.


@miam00 maybe to find freelancer for help?


If the author doesn’t respond and you don’t want to change themes that is an option as rayoftlightt says.