I need help with refund

Doesn’t work request refund. I don’t know why, cos I want to refund. What can i do? I bought theme and author downloaded down. I’m sorry for my English.

Check this link and if you feel you are due a refund you can open a request here or if for any reason that does not work then contact support

What exactly is the issue with the theme?

I checked this link but if I gave a request refund that "Choose an item from the list below " there is nothing.
Ok. I will contact support.

Check this: http://s14.postimg.org/ewc2li9ox/Sn_mka_obrazovky_2015_10_23_o_14_58_54.png

Items being removed would constitute a refund but that would depend on the reason it has been removed and how long ago it was purchased.

If it’s not showing up in the list (maybe because it was removed) use the link in my previous post to support instead.


I bought this theme 7 months ago.


Definitely submit the ticket. That might fall outside the supported period now but either way support make the call on this.

Good luck

Thank you. Have a nice day

I requested a refund for an item purchased in error 7 days ago and so far had no response to the ticket.

I wouldn’t call that good customer service :frowning: I may have to escalate to a paypal refund instead which I don’t really want to do, but if nobody responds to a ticket, what can I do?

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How can i refund if the envato no respond on my refund ticket? They look like always keep escape when i talk about refund. The author had promise want to refund and not provide me any support but the envato always dont want to refund. Never see this kind of services bad. :rage:

Check this link https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund- to see if you can request a refund. The fact that you bought the item by mistake is not a reason for a refund…people often make this mistake.

How long ago did you submit a request for a refund?

8/11/2015 until now

So 5 days ago - I would give it a little longer as the 8th/9th is a weekend when only limited staff operate and even when submitting the tickets it does say it can take around 5 days.

I am sure they will come back to you soon.

Keep an eye on your spam folder as well, the response may end up there so you don’t want to miss it

Already 15th until now still no respond from envato.
Feel very bad with their feedback. They only want money their service really really bad