Need help to get a refund

I recently bought a Shopify Theme and requested some help from the Author that I never received . I eventually made a request for a refund of my $69.00 from the Author after 4 days of not getting any help.

I eventually contacted Envato and someone was assigned to my case. He stated I needed to let 5 days pass before I can make the complaint to Envato. Now after 5 days have past I go to the refund page and the option in the drop down box for the theme I am requesting a refund for has been remove from the drop down box option. How very dishonest of Envato.

I have also notice my rating and review of the Author’s theme has also been removed. Anyhow I need to find a way to make a request for a refund and your official email form would not allow me to so, since it does not provide the theme as an option. Funny thing though I am seeing all my other purchases as options.

Anyhow I need advice as to where I should make my request now.

Please open a Help ticket and describe your situation. They will be happy to help.