Seller does not provide support

I bought a Wordpress theme a long time ago. The seller answers me every 2 weeks, although these are bugs that are built into his theme and he can’t seem to get them fixed. I’ve been trying for a very long time to finally get the website ready, but his support is very bad. He redirected me to Skype and really answers every 2 weeks. Is there any way to get my money back? I have paid for support.

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If you are eligible to get a refund then you can request for a refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explanation of the refund policy.


When exactly?

What kind of bugs?

2 months.

He presents things before the sale that don’t look like that afterwards. If he fixes a mistake, a new one is created. And so on.

@barisaktas6161 Contact the platform where you bought the theme, like ThemeForest, explain ongoing issues and unresponsive support. They may assist or provide a refund if the product doesn’t meet expectations.

Thank you!

What do I do if the seller doesn’t reply at all? I can’t find a direct way to contact EnvatoMarket. Can anyone help me?

It does depend partially on the item, what the issue is, how you tried to contact the author and how long ago, but if it’s outside of these guidelines then you can contact envato Envato Market Help and Support