Extended support, and no response in 2 weeks. What should I do?

Theme authors are not responding to support tickets (Paid support just renewed) … I don’t want a refund I just want support since my sites evolved a lot based on this particular theme.

I opened a ticket in Envato Market Help, 2 days ago. And also still waiting.

What do you suggest?

My opinion keep patience & wait for envato support team reply hope they will help you out from your issue.


please give your purchased item author time to get back to you. hope they will reply as quickly they can. In the mean time you can post a commnets in item comments page and let them know. Thanks

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Thats a good idea! Although I know this can harm author’s reputation somehow. I will do it and maybe erase comment in the future.

with respect just you can use traditional comments to let author know that you will need support from them. I believe author will reply and will help you. Thanks

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No response from authors. Envato support was great, they give me a refund (for support, not theme)
Some themes are being abandoned and that’s a problem.
I mean this particular theme (Blaszok by MPC) has more than 7000 sales.
I will start a thread (if there is not any) so we can help each other between users of the same theme…and start looking another one.