Support Themes

Hi, I need to know if anyone can help me on how to get support with purchased themes from Themeforest, I bought one of the most wanted themes and I’ve been waiting for a ticket for two days and so far I haven’t received a response.
If anyone can help me as I searched on Envato and Themeforest and didn’t find a support channel for them, just this forum.
I am very grateful to anyone who can help me.

Hi Alvaro
did you get response from support?
i am purchasing a new them but I can´t find any way to ask for my doubts
and after reading your comment I got some worried

Presumably, you asked using the author’s support system/forum and not asking envato themselves?

Most authors don’t provide support on weekends, so that may cause a delay too

Best option is to use item comments

Hello, they replied to me 7 hours ago, I just thought it took a while, but they are already responding to me.

Yes, initially I went straight to the developer, as I found them a little slow to respond, I entered the envato forum here to see if anyone knew any other way to contact support themes, but now it’s working.
Thank You.